Doctober Spotlight – Dr. Dana Scully

Dr. Leonard McCoy might have been one of the first great physicians on the small screen, but Dana Scully was one of the best, and one of the first amazing women to step in to that role. Today’s Doctober post on Dr. Dana Scully is near and dear to me as the truth is (out there), no the truth is she is probably one of the female role models that originally inspired me to want to be in the field of medicine. This woman just rocks it as a doctor.


I know you can’t really have Scully without Mulder, but Scully holds her own. And her medical knowledge and stomach of steel are some of the ways she kicks butt in this role. Yes, Mulder is the believer, but Scully is extremely important to their team and her vast medical knowledge as well as ability to both examine live and especially dead specimens helps the pair time and time again.


Let’s face it, the way she speaks in her medical jargon in to that tape recorder is just plain old sexy. And her ability to have that additional skill in the show really brought her up a notch, in many ways making her more vital to the team than Mulder. I just love how Scully really set the stage for what a strong female role should be in this show, providing really important skills and ideas to the team.

The only thing that doesn’t really jive for me is her religious background, but she doesn’t let it get in the way of her job, her performance, or her medical duties. Scully, you are my hero.


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