Zombie Round Up: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 6 – “The Good Man”

The show finally picks up steam in the last episode and now we’re done. What a let down! Yes, Lilith here, back to bring you all the final FTWD review until next season. It feels like it only took the blink of an eye, but that is probably because they only gave us 6 episodes for this pilot season. This season finale did what I had hoped it would: got me excited about next season. And when you look at my past reviews that is really saying something. Here’s why I think you should be just as stoked about next season as I am.


The thing that finally made me happy: our characters finally grew up. It took them weeks of the outbreak and lots of horrors before they could do it, but this zombie-packed episode finally showed our family arming themselves and killing zombies without the blink of an eye. They also learned that people are to be just as feared if not more feared than zombies, a little of it the hard way. But that’s how you grow up in the apocalypse. Like Rick and his team in their first few seasons, you learn things the hard way most of the time. I still think it took this family a little too long to do that, but I am glad that they finally did.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the action packed episode.

The episode started out pretty slow and frustrating, with the family deciding they are going to break out their loved ones from the hospital and escape LA before the army evacuates. I was once again very frustrated with them as they continued to be selfish, leaving without telling any of their community the information they had learned. Arriving in the parking level of the make shift hospital they again left their kids behind and denied telling them what they were going to do. It was ridiculous! Stop trying to protect them!


I know last week I bashed on Daniel for revealing what he was capable of: this week he still showed himself to be a man capable of brutality in the name of survival for his loved ones. But a little of his bad ass aura shown through as he walks up to the front of the army barracks calmly and tells them to “Save their ammo”. As he walks by the ENTIRE HERD of zombies that had been chained up in the arena shows up and begins their attack on the gates.

I loved this scene- Nick once again shows his bravery when he calmly tells him mom to "just go"

I loved this scene- Nick once again shows his bravery when he calmly tells him mom to “just go”

This episode was sufficiently creepy and had some epic zombie scenes, so if you haven’t seen it, you must. The flickering lights, the endless hoards, the sudden ambushes, the close calls. It’s just very well filmed. I found myself shocked as Madison and Travis suddenly took arms and when surrounded they didn’t hesitate to club down some walkers! I guess they needed a situation like this to break out of their shells. If it had been a one on one with a walker they probably would of caved again, or worse tried to ask them if they were “in there”.


By some sheer luck the group all ends up reunited, with the new character Strand joining them. They see the doctor with her captive bolt and leave you thinking that she offed her self as well (can’t blame her). And as they make it back to the car they are ambushed by Andy, the soldier that Daniel tortured but Travis released out of one of his moments of compassion. This was a real eye opener for Travis. They just did a lot of killing, and here a person comes back to get revenge and shoots not Daniel, but Ofelia, to try to make this family pay for what they did. I think it was in that moment that Travis broke. I’m not sure how much hope he will have in the future, but this was a serious cracking moment for him- without hesitation he attacks Andy and beats him to a pulp. It looks lucky that Ofelia only has a graze of a bullet wound. But Mr. Anti-Gun, Zombie Loving, Humanist just lost a part of his soul and finally can start to understand what his future life is going to be like.


I hate to admit it, but I felt a little bad for Travis in that moment. I mean, it really says something about people that they would go to those lengths for revenge. That Andy could have escaped many other ways, but instead followed this family and waited in the shadows to execute his plan. Why not just run? Why not join another group? Evacuate the city with the other soldiers? Naturally this was meant to be a learning lesson and breaking point for Travis, I just wonder how realistic it really is if this were actually happening.

**MAJOR SPOILER** We see that Travis really has broken when he kills his ex-wife at the end of the episode before she even started to show signs of illness. Liza had been bitten at some point in the hospital, and when they reach their ocean side oasis she wanders towards the beach, followed by Madison. I expected Madison to accost her for having the medics take Nick from her, but amazingly she didn’t. Instead Liza uses the same hateful, passive aggressive sentences Madison had used on her several episodes ago leaving her life in her hands. But before Madison can contemplate this roll reversal Travis arrives and does the dirty work.


He does still have an emotional break down after he performs this act, and Madison is there to comfort him. As much as I still think they are terrible parents, in this episode alone I saw their relationship and their strengths grow significantly more than in all the other episodes combined. Not bad FTWD. I keep ranting that I am so invested in TWD because of the characters. I still don’t feel nearly as attached to Madison or Travis as I do Glenn or Michonne or any of our TWD cast for that matter, but at least I feel like they have potential now.

Two more comments before I leave you all. Before she died Liza talked about how the infections caused by the bite wound kills you, and then you turn. I know this is one of those rare dumb blonde moments I have had, but it made so much sense! I always wondered why if we are all infected and you have to die to turn, why does the bite make you turn sooner? The bite doesn’t turn you, the sepsis and infection does, and then you die and turn! This makes so much more sense, and also makes it so that you could get blood on you or even in your mouth and not turn since that is a different route of exposure then to a bite wound that causes sepsis and death. Sorry for all of you smarties out there that already knew that. You just think- zombie bite, you turn in to a zombie. But this route of transition makes so much more sense!


Also, even though this family grew up and grew closer, we can see that their actions resulted in the deaths of numerous people, and probably contributed to the continued spread of the outbreak. Their actions continue to be selfish and it’s really sad when you think that this group of six to eight people thinks they are more important than the rest of LA.


Well, enough ranting about FTWD this week. I was pretty pleased overall and look forward to seeing which direction this crew takes next season- either way it will be unique, cause we haven’t seen a lot of city scape or ocean scenes in TWD. And if you want zombies on a plane, there’s a new short web based mini series made by the producers airing during commercials of TWD next week! Not surprisingly, I am shivering with anticipation for next week’s TWD premiere. I feel like it just keeps getting better and better every season! Until then folks, if Glenn dies I riot.

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