Doctober Spotlight – Doc Brown

How could I resist?


I figured we would have to get Doc Brown involved in Doctober,we’d be complete fools not to. So what do we know about old Emmet? Well, he seems reasonably intelligent yet everything he invented didn’t work very well. Of course that all changed when he slipped on wet porcelain and gave himself a mild concussion and in return had a…vision. Perhaps recreational drug use could have benefitted him in the long run. He also lives next to a McDonald’s parking lot, hangs out with a high school kid and loves the Old West. Speaking of the West, I never quite figured out how he was able to create the hover converted time traveling train at the end of Back To The Future 3 (possibly becoming the godfather of steampunk in the process). Maybe we’ll get some plot holes answered in the new IDW comic but then again we may be better off having them left to our own interpretations.

As a character the movies could have easily written him off as the eccentric old inventor of the time machine and featured him at the beginning of the first movie and left it at that. The series may seem like it’s Marty’s story and it is to a degree, but Doc’s is just as important. The chemistry between the two leads is perfect. It’s not quite a classic mentor/student relationship but there are definitely shades of that. It always felt like more of a buddy comedy to me though especially with how much on screen time the duo shares together in Back To The Future 3. Honestly isn’t that what we want? I never realized it (or cared) that much about Doc when I was a kid, but now I realize he’s the glue that holds these movies together.


His science may not always be sound, but I’m willing to believe.

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