Doctober Spotlight – Dr. Leonard McCoy

Greetings geeks, I’m super stoked about this Doctober month. Being a doctor myself there are so many people I both admire and loathe for their medical prowess. So I’ll be sure to spotlight several doctors this month, and let you know what I love and hate about them. I’m going to try to focus on medical doctors, since I have the most in common with then (as opposed to the PhD variety).


Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite futuristic doctors, and one of the very original grumpy old men to boot, Dr. Leonard McCoy. This doctor is also affectionately pet-named “Bones” on the original Star Trek Enterprise, which if you ask me is a little scary for a practicing physician…gives you an idea f how well he practices.


What do I love about Bones? Oh so much. His constant bantering with Spock and epic one liners are incredible. His pessimism and cocked eyebrows are entertaining. And his perspective on what we call modern medicine now in the 21st century is hilarious. Bones was definitely one of my favorite characters when I forced myself to watch all of the original series, considering I am not a big Trekkie fan. I think one of my favorite lines ever was from one of the movies where he called us current day physicians “Barbarians” for the way we practice medicine. Yet ironically Dr. McCoy’s most common line is “He’s dead Jim.” A physician that doesn’t hesitate one second to criticize the state of others’ medical practices and yet himself works best as a coroner above all else. I can’t tell you how many times in the last year I have been watching some other show and whenever someone dies and is rushed by the living the first thing out of my mouth is “He’s dead Jim.”

Although I prefer the Abrams version of Star Trek (I know, I know, sacrilege), I actually prefer the original actor playing McCoy. DeForest Kelley just does it better than any other.  And that time he grew a beard and looked like he was from the 1970’s?!?! Amazing.


I do hope some day we have some of the capabilities that they had on the original series with regards to medicine. I would love to have a little scanner that immediately identified the injury or illness in a patient, especially since my four legged patients can’t talk. But for now I will enjoy McCoy’s antics more than his medical decisions.

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  1. I loved the reboots as well- McCoy was one of my favorites but then when I saw the originals (after the reboots) I just realized Kelley was my favorite McCoy. I kept wanting one of them to say “Damnit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a coroner!”…wait a minute…

  2. Thanks for the focus on the original McCoy – one of my all time favourite Trek characters. While no one can out McCoy DeForest Kelly, I remain super-impressed by Karl Urban’s portrayal in the reboot movies. I don’t think anyone could have done it better.
    I look forward to seeing which doctor the BoEG targets next!
    Great article.

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