Zombie Round-Up: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 5 – “Cobalt”

Lilith here again. Hopefully you all had a nice week and break from my ranting and raving all things zombie. I’ve obviously been bashing this TWD prequel pretty hard, so it was probably nice for all of you to get a different take from C-Mart last week. I know I enjoyed reading his thoughts. And interestingly as much as I had a lot of hate for the show the first half of this short season, I agree that it is starting to pick up and show some promise, of course just in time for the season finale next week. But without further ado let’s dive in to this week’s creepy and action packed episode.


Last week we left off with Nick being taken away against his will along with Griselda. So this week I was looking forward to seeing where they were taken. It seemed unlikely that they were actually going to a hospital, but I had some hope that it might be the case considering they took Liza along with the doctor to help. It appears the hospital is more of a holding facility with people being caged in various stages based on their threat for turning in to a zombie, aka dying and then reanimating. Nick is holding his own as best he can, though the soldiers here seem to be just as shady as the ones that took him away: they take people away from their holding pens to “downstairs” when they show signs of general illness or emotional breakdowns. Makes me wonder what “downstairs” really is…Luckily the possibility of experimentation on people seems less likely since we got to see Liza actually working in a make shift hospital with her doctor friend trying to save lives. Then again, when one of the soldiers back in town is told to “get rid of the problem” that is Ofelia screaming at them and disturbing the peace it still seems plausible that the soldiers are killing zombies and humans alike. The soldiers also seem to be doing a lot better job-keeping people in the fence then keeping walkers out.


Speaking of the soldiers, I think one of the reasons I am enjoying the show more now is the development of these plays for power and the use of martial law as a plot device, which is truly something that would probably be an issue in a real apocalypse. Plus I am spending so much time hating the soldiers I don’t have as much energy or hate left over for this abysmal family. And yes I think they are abysmal still. Madison is still my least favorite character of the show, followed by Travis as a close second. Travis’ weaknesses were called out by the soldiers as they asked him to shoot a zombie down from afar, and when he saw her name tag “Kimberly” on the walkers fast food shirt he caved- the soldiers had a very god point that he has not right to boss them around when he doesn’t even have the guts to participate in the life saving actions the soldiers are performing.

I just can't do it, she's too cute!

I just can’t do it, she’s too cute!

I do feel bad for the soldiers in some ways, in particular that in many of these apocalyptic scenarios they are made out to be the bad guys: to be the power hungry, violence fueled bullies. I know there are a lot of good soldiers and cops out there; people that are good to the core and would never participate in this behavior. But sadly I think it is truthful in that a lot of people in uniform would behave this way, and others that might not would be drawn in to the whole culture and bully mentality. Interestingly it was the Veganaut who pointed out to me that the US Army actually had a commercial during FTWD this week, probably in an attempt to give themselves a good name again after all this bad publicity

I feel like Alicia has a lot of potential, and then this week’s episode just ruined that. I have been a little peeved that all she does is wear short shorts, which is just asinine in the zombie apocalypse and a way of asking to get some of that exposed skin bit. But aside from that I thought she stepped it up last week in coming to terms with what was happening, telling her parents to man up and realize what’s really important after they spent 4 weeks trying to shield her from it, and acting like more of a parent to her brother than her parents do on a day to day basis. This week she embraced her inner child, flirting with Chris and acting super immature while robbing and then vandalizing someone’s place. Yes, I know, those people aren’t coming back to that home, but her behavior just screamed teenage angst. Then again, maybe that was what they were going for. After all, she is just a kid having to deal with a zombie outbreak. Still, I have high hopes for her and want to see her step up to that roll. As much as Carl can be annoying in TWD, he and the other children of the apocalypse are forced to grow up real quick, and I want to see that in Alicia.

those are NOT zombie-protection approved clothing

those are NOT zombie-protection approved clothing

The last character worth discussing this week Daniel Salazar, the husband of the now missing Griselda and father to Ofelia. In the last two episodes this guy’s ability to man up and take out walkers has been admirable. If it weren’t for him our misfit family would probably be dead. And just like that the AMC made me lose all respect and affection for this character. Why? In an attempt to get information on where his wife was taken he and his daughter capture a soldier and hold him hostage. Being a barber, he takes out his tools of trade to threaten and scare the soldier. Or at least that was where I was hoping it would end…Instead he goes all Bolton on his ass and starts to flay the guy! Yuck! And what a dick! I know these times are just going to keep getting more desperate, and desperate measure will be required, but really?!?! You tortured an innocent person that was actually trying to help your daughter, and we’re only in the first week of the outbreak? As the apocalypse goes on I think this only means that Daniel will fall deeper and deeper in to his own personal hell. I’ve never watched Breaking Bad, but I hear it’s about a character that continually makes poor and hurtful decisions…this could quickly become the same for Daniel now that he’s shown his true colors.

yup, like your wife said, you are the devil

yup, like your wife said, you are the devil

Next week is our season finale, which I am hoping will do a better job than the season premiere in getting me hooked. I still don’t have any strong feelings for our immediate characters except for Nick and maybe Alicia (if she could grow up). But with LA being a cesspool of walkers and the revelation this week that the soldiers are about to jump ship, taking care of their wards “humanely” before getting out of the city, we can be sure there will be a lot of action. I doubt I will get my wish, but I am still hoping for a little more explanation on where this virus came from and how everyone became infected. Liza came to terms with this when she was forced to place a captive bolt to Griselda’s forehead after she naturally died from septic shock after having her foot amputated. Even though TWD didn’t figure this out until the end of season 2, the army’s medical teams know this in the first couple weeks of the outbreak (and I would argue days considering how they dealt with the old man that died next to Nick’s hospital bed at the end of the first episode). I guess I should learn to just enjoy the ride, but with a family that continues to be in denial of the happenings around them it seems unlikely they would be able to delve in to the possible origins of this illness. I guess I can hope. Until next week, #wtfftwd.


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