Zombie Round Up: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 4 – “Not Fade Away”


Hey Gang, this week while Lilith’s away, your old pal C-Mart is here to keep you company. Soooooo, Fear the Walking Dead, huh? Look, I’ve been reading The Walking Dead almost since the beginning and I never miss an episode of the TV show, but I’ll be there first to admit that Fear the Walking Dead has got a few issues. I will say though that I think the show is picking up steam. I think this weeks episode is a step in the right direction. The paranoia levels are starting to shoot through the roof; what exactly is the National Guard doing with the “sickly” people in the neighborhood? What’s going on at that house outside the fence, way off in the distance? I’ve got some theories on those questions,


So as I said before, FTWD is not without some imperfections. These first few episodes have suffered under the punishingly glacial pacing. Remember though, we’re world building here (or more accurately, world destroying here). We’re already well into the zombie breakout in the original flavor of The Walking Dead. The shit has already gone down and it’s a last ditch scramble to stay alive. FTWD takes place earlier in the timeline than TWD, so while the story of TWD is one of survival and starting the world anew, FTWD is more about the decay of the world that was and hope that things that will return to normal (even though we pretty much know they won’t). The further the story goes, the more the world will resemble the one from TWD that we’re more familiar with, but we just have to go through the part of the story where everything goes to shit. This week, we’re finally getting to that breakdown of social mores and societal norms.


We’re all in agreement that the National Guard soldiers are straight up killing all those people, right? I mean there’s like no question about it. “You look a little sickly, ma’am. How’d you like to take a trip to our super, awesome, fun, special ‘hospital’? There’ll be puppies, toys, carnival rides, cotton candy, free ice cream sundaes, and every single video game ever made!” Yeah, sure there will.  I’m calling it right now, there’s no freaking hospital.


What’s likely happening is this: the soldiers are no longer obeying a chain of command. Whoever WAS in charge is now likely dead and the soldiers are completely under the command of the golf swing practicing captain, who seems to be making Travis feel like he’s part of the team. He’s placating him because he realizes that Travis will help keep the rest of the safe zone residents calm and compliant. As long as nobody’s panicking, then the soldiers can continue running the show. The soldiers also have no clue about what’s turning people into zombies, so they’ve resorted to rounding up anyone and everyone who may be sick in any way. They’re military guys, so unless they’re an entire platoon of medics, they probably have no idea how to take care of these sick people, so instead they’re just going to “take care” of all of them in the easiest manner possible and that would be with some brief, yet intensive lead therapy. “But what about Liza?” you may be asking. Sure she’s not sick and the soldiers have offered to take her to the hospital so she can assist with treating the ill. She may not be showing signs of infection, but the military doctor knows that Liza’s been treating sick people for some time now, so she’s been EXPOSED to infected people (or so the doctor thinks anyway). They’ve offered her the “opportunity” to help out, but chances are she’ll be killed also.


We knew this was a horror show, but where we were expecting zombies to be our monsters, just like in TWD, the real monsters turn out to be the “normal” people. Think about the horrifying implications of this scenario: it’s the complete collapse of society and civilization and all your life you’ve been taught that the military will always be there to protect the people of the United States in a situation like this. They are supposed to be the shinning light in the darkness, the thing that’s supposed to keep the monsters at bay, but they are instead the ones we should be fearing. The military is effectually carrying out a plot to thin the herd and by the time anyone realizes what’s going on, it’ll be too late for anyone to do anything about it. The general population is so focused on the monsters pounding on the gates, that they don’t even realize they’ve already the prisoners of the real monsters of this story. It’s like an Alex Jones conspiracy theory run amok. JADE HELM! FEMA CAMPS!! FALSE FLAG!!!


This brings me to that mysterious house in the distance. What could be going on out there? Clearly somebody is out there as evidenced by the glint in the window during the daytime. The Guard captain is pretty adamant in telling Travis that there’s nothing in the house, because there’s nobody alive out there. What possible motivation could he have for lying to Travis? Here’s why: it’s because that house is where they are executing the sick people. Maddie saw the gunfire flashing in the night in that window and I’m thinking that all that gunfire isn’t from fending off zombies, it’s the ultimate fate of all those who’ve been deemed to ill by the soldiers to be a part of the safe zone anymore. That glint that Travis’ son and Maddie see durning the daytime? Yeah… that’s a sniper rifle. It’s trained on the safe zone waiting for any sign of an infected person. The reason they didn’t shoot Chris or Maddie is because they don’t want to start a panic. The soldiers absolutely don’t have the people’s best interests in mind at all. They’re just looking survive this insanity like everyone else and they’re not above using their position as assumed protectors to get what they want. I’m almost hoping I’m wrong about this theory of mine, but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

All this isn’t to say that the soldiers are the real threat and nobody should worry about the zombies. Trust me, they’re still dangerous and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Once all the real monsters in your midst are gone, then you can worry about the zombies. That’ s all I got for this week kiddos, Lilith returns next week, but you can catch up with me again once TWD is back!

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  1. I will say, I keep finding reasons to really loathe our main characters, but I thought this was the best episode of the show yet (with no zombies)! I agree with you totally on the hospital theory, I just wonder if nick will survive. even though she’s a minor roll, I liked Alicia this week, she started to get it too. I was pissed at the family for not treating the military with respect after saving them, but now we’re gonna see what happens when people that like power and have no experience end up in charge…and this is la, there’s no way everyone out there is dead…

    • Agreed on this being the best ep so far and on the characters. Chris really annoys me, as does Maddie. Travis just seems to be sleep walking through this whole thing and Mr. Salazar seems unnecessarily mean. I’m all for more zombies, but I thought the show finally achieved that sense of dread and uneasiness that’s been sorely lacking in the first three episodes.

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