Cosplay Etiquette with Johnnie Arrow


We have all heard the saying how body image is important to the standards of society. In alot of ways, personal appearance sets the standards of how people percieve us, who decides to associate us, what we do with our spare time, and ultimately what our future entails. Now this perception can be altered either positively or negatively but only so much because in one way or another we all fall victim to public consensus. In the world of Cosplay, not unlike the “normal world” as I like to call it because let’s be honest unless you conform, your not really accepted, was a means of escape for those who either felt overwhelmed by society or felt like they didn’t belong.

Cosplay for me has been a means of escape from every day life and a way to unwind and forget about life for a while, but as of late it has been more apparent that its becoming more a bully session than what the community was founded on, self acceptance and a means where all walks of life could have a place to call their own and not feel like an outcast. Cosplay should be about building others up instead of tearing them down, and also about praising the individual for exhibiting the courage to go out in front of a group of complete strangers and lay it all on the line just to feel that sense of accomplishment for showing off what they made or bought because no matter the skill level whether they are a seasoned veteran and make everything on their own or simply buy your cosplay, we are all cosplayers and we should be there for everyone.

The world as a whole is a convoluted place where individuality has become so watered down, it is crippling us as a  community. So to this, we should all demonstrate respect for all others, help them in any way we can, be the family we all should be,  and not let the all the negativity permeate this wonderful thing called Cosplay

As always, stay classy

Johnnie Arrow

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