Evil Geek Book Report – “The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy”


Hello out there in Internet land! I finally had the immense pleasure of being able to pick up a copy of Sam Maggs’ definitive guide to being a geek girl, ‘The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy”, and I’ll just say that it may as well be called “A Guide on Undiesofwondy” because this book was SO PERFECT. All kidding aside, one of the things I most enjoyed about this book, and a reason why I’d recommend this to other fangirls is because there’s something all geeks can relate to inside. Maggs’ even includes a little disclaimer right at the beginning of the book; “…you don’t have to be someone who identifies as female to enjoy it. If you’re someone who identifies as a fan [girl], then this book is for you.”

Some things the “Fangirl’s Guide”  addresses include various types of fandoms (are you SuperWhoLockian? A Potterhead? Tolkienite? What about an Otaku?), the best types of conventions to attend (and proper resources to locate them online) and how to survive your first convention experience. Oh, how I wish I had a book to help me through my first convention experience! It would have saved me greatly.


I got a huge kick of the section on “How to Speak Fangirl”, and am almost tempted to give this book out to people who decide they want to be friends with me. Have you ever tried to explain how you “can’t even?” or that your “body is NOT ready”? Yeah, it’s awkward for me too.

This book also includes interviews with some super cool ladies in the geek world on what it means for each of them to be a fangirl. My personal favorites: Jane Espenson, Tara Platt, Ashley Eckstein and Laura Vandervoort.

Long story short, I cannot sing this book’s praises enough. So wonderfully written, informative and fun. It would be a great gift for any newb to the geek world. Couple it with some convention tickets and you’ve got your Geek Starter Kit all set!

Have any of you readers of EvilGeeks.com read this book yet? I’d love to know what you all think of it!

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