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This one is a bit off topic for me, but appropriate none the less. If you had asked me a year ago whether or not I would have a.) Agreed to watch a non-sci fi or fantasy show, specifically a cop show, and b.) Been raving about it to everyone as well as quoting cheesy one-liners from it on a weekly basis I would have said wholeheartedly no way. But my love of Nathan Fillion (from Firefly fame of course) convinced me to say at least give it a try. And here I am a year later writing you a suggestions post on why I think you too should take the plunge. Here’s my spoiler filled reasoning for you on why I think you should give Castle a try.


Like I said before, the whole reason I was willing to leave my typically dragon, zombie, or time traveling TV shows behind to give this one a try was the front runner: Nathan Fillion plays Rick Castle, a famous and rich best-selling mystery author who is loving his life of fame as he brings his famous Derek Storm novels to a finale. But in the first episode he inadvertently gets taken in alongside Kate Beckett, an NYPD homicide detective who is working on a murder investigation where the killer copied the behavior of one of Castle’s famous fictional killers. To sum it up, Castle gets hooked on working real murder cases and uses his connections to allow him to become a consultant with the team, much to Beckett’s frustration.


In addition to loving Nathan Fillion’s character, I absolutely loved the geekdom in these shows. I know, it’s a cop show, and all the episodes typically revolve around one murder, but Castle is truly an overgrown 12-year old like myself and since he’s rich he has all the best toys in the world. He also is a huge fan of various things geek related, from steam punk to basic comics, science fiction shows to all things cosplay. Plus there is the occasional Firefly reference, which is always appreciated.

yes that's right, he donned his old space cowboy costume for Halloween!!!

yes that’s right, he donned his old space cowboy costume for Halloween!!!

Some of the side characters are quite loveable as well. In particular, I absolutely adore Castle’s family, including his daughter Alexis and mother Martha. I especially love all their quirks. And I am quite jealous when Alexis and Castle break out in a spontaneous game of laser tag throughout the house.

the family that plays laser tag together stays together

the family that plays laser tag together stays together

There is also a group of sidekicks at the office that are fairly likeable too, like Ryan and Esposito, and Laney and Gates. They grow on you.

Then there are the main characters: Beckett and Castle. I knew they were destined to become a couple do to some spoilers I heard from friends (with the epic couples name of Caskett)- but I have to admit, the only part of this show that took some getting used to for me was Kate. In the beginning she was cocky, rude, flirtatious yet out of reach, and wore the most ridiculous high heels at all times. I found myself thinking there was no way the two would ever have a healthy relationship: they were so toxic together! But I was wrong, and glad to admit it. Both characters grew as the show went on, and when they finally hooked up (which admittedly happened because Kate was about to be killed and realized the one regret she had was not being with Castle), they made it work. They were supportive of each other, and became more open and honest than ever before. It was refreshing.


The 8th season is due to come out this fall, and while I think most TV shows that make it to season 5 should be considered lucky, Castle deserves a round of applause for making it as far as they have without sinking. Not only do they still have great murders to solve (though relatively predictable, I will say that I have always been pretty good at predicting the murderer), they also have some over-arching themes that come up again and again: like 3XK, a serial killer that gets lots of joy out of tormenting the group from time to time. Or the continued conspiracy theory of who killed Kate’s mother when she was young, an event in her life that solidified her ambitions to become a homicide detective.


I highly recommend this show to anyone wanting more Nathan Fillion in their life, or to those that enjoy a good cop show with a crew of characters quite different from the norm. Castle’s random encyclopedic knowledge comes in quite handy, and his zest for life and joy at being part makes the show a little bit addictive.

Another fun side story if you feel so inclined: the books that Castle writes in the show based on Kate Beckett’s character were actually written and published in real life: The Nicki Heat Series is real!

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  1. Like most mystery shows I only made it a few seasons before I lost interest, but I do really love the characters on this one!

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