Evil Geeks Art Gallery – Pendraggin’ Ass

Welcome once more to the ever-expanding fine art gallery  housed within our Evil Lair.

Today’s highlighted work is a return to tradition for the Evil Geeks Art Collective. Separate illustrations of the same topic drawn by Arthur Harkness and Biff Tannen combined into a perfect work of art through science.

While no particular source material was supplied, it will become apparent that at least one of our artists was working with this in mind:

Arthur Original

I won’t waste your time with words. There are no words.

Arthur by Arthur

by Arthur Harkness

Arthur Biff

by Biff Tannen

Two very simple, very deliberate works of art. When fed into the Collabotron along with the drawing that inspired them, this beauty was shortly spat forth.

Sketch 2015-06-21 15_37_22 (1)
I’m sure you’re familiar with the works we’ve highlighted in the past, but far be it from me to stop you from taking a walking tour:

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