Who Review: Top 16 Reasons Why You Should Watch Doctor Who

After a year of intermittently binge watching Doctor Who, I have successfully caught up and watched all the episodes of the most reason reboot (8 seasons). Just in time for this August’s release of series 9. And you can do the same! If you like binge watching shows, or can avoid the side effects of this activity depicted here, you should have just enough time to devour all 8 series in time for our second season with Capaldi. If you are already caught up, well, there are so many reasons to watch and rematch Doctor Who. I had been told by many to check this show out and they were right, it is phenomenal. Here is my list of why I think you should watch the show, buzzfeed style. Allons-y!


1. Incredibly intelligent and resourceful female characters.


2. A thinking space ship. She even likes to be called sexy!


3. Sufficiently creepy yet defeatable villains.


4. Misunderstood aliens.


5. Getting to travel through all of space and time.


6. Impecable wardrobes. Especially bowties: bowties are cool.


7. One liners that put Arnold to shame.

CybermanDeletedMeme FP3134

8. Amazing couples.


9. Everybody lives! (Well, most of the time). Their survival rate puts Martin to shame.


10. Tear jerking yet happy endings.


11. Ahead of their time acceptance of amazing same sex couples.


12. Acceptance of bisexualism, and Jack Harkness (actually, he really deserves his own line).


13. Great musical scores. Check this out.

14. Donna Noble and her amazing one liners (I stand by my previous post- I still think she is the best companion).


15. A healthy dose of imagination.


16. And last but not least: the Doctor himself.


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