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Hello again geeks, it’s been a little while since I wrote a post on a retired TV show, and today’s is near and dear to me. Way back when, my first post ever for the geeks, was for the original BBC series Primeval. I loved that show, and all the amazing dinosaurs and creatures that came with it. I was thrilled to find out that a Canadian network decided to reboot the show, and here is my review for you. Get ready for more dinos and spoilers but less British accents.


Let’s set the scene a little first: the first series took place in England. This one takes place in British Columbia. And the introduction starts with a multi-billionaire tech guru hero Evan Cross stumbling across a anomaly, only to have a giant Allosaurus come through the wrong side and eat his wife. Flash forward a couple years to the future, and Evan has founded yet another company but on the side is secretly investing all his energy and money in to finding more anomalies.

New World

New World

This new show has lots of characters making up our team: there’s the geeky, bubbly computer nerd girl Toby, the super buff ex-Brit soldier Mac, (ok, so we still have some accents), the over-talkative animal control officer woman Dylan, and naturally Evan the leader who pushes the limit, and has a little too much of an ego. We also have some extra characters that make regular appearances, including Angelika Finch the super efficient and organized woman who really runs the company for Evan, and Lieutenant Ken Leeds who is the Canadian version of a Fox Mulder, only a lot nerdier. We even get a couple guest appearances from Connor Temple, one of my favorite characters from the original BBC series.


It sounds promising with that description, but if I am completely up front with you now: it kind of sucked. Here’s the thing. The dinosaurs and CGI was pretty good, especially for a TV show. That was definitely my favorite part of the show: the dinosaurs. While the original show also featured made up creatures from the future, this one pretty much just stuck with the prehistoric variety. I think my favorite was definitely the triceratops, though pachycepholasaurus was a close second.


The other thing that was fun with this show was the love of the animals as well as time loops. There are some pretty f-ed up situations where we find out that Evan completely changed Mac’s timeline and has been storing one of the versions of his future body in cold storage.

So why didn’t I enjoy the show? Well the first thing that comes to mind is the acting. God it was abysmal. In particular Dylan was just such a bad actor, so unbelievable. And watching the decisions this group made in order to keep the authorities out of their little mission (put everything back in the anomaly like it is supposed to be) was painful as well. These people were over their heads and making all the wrong choices. Then there was the corniness factor. I watch a lot of corny shows, and typically I love them, but this was a whole new level of corniness that even I could stomach.

too many guns on this version of the show...even if they are tranquilizer guns.

too many guns on this version of the show…even if they are tranquilizer guns.

Then there was the ending. The government gets involved, and they make the exact same mistake that the government scientists from the BCC series did! They try to find a way to harness the energy of the anomalies in order to make renewable energy! Of course it backfires and they are in over the head, resulting in a massacre of soldiers and the near death of Toby. But our team prevails, only to have made a terrible mistake with regard to changing the timeline. And so we are left with a cliffhanger. Even though, not surprisingly, the show was cancelled after this abysmal season.

Take it form me: if you want dinosaurs, watch the original show on the BBC. Skip this disastrous attempt at a reboot. Here’s to hoping Jurassic World didn’t make the same mistakes.

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