Ep 125 – The Evil Geeks Have Their Eyes On the Throne


What’s up, Evil Geeks?!?! Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to Game of Thrones until next year. Arthur Harkness, Biff Tannen, C-Mart, Lilith Assisi, Undies of Wondy, and special guest the Veganaut talk about what has been a controversial season to say the very least. Who’s still watching fervently? Why did Lilith stop doing reviews? These questions and so many more answered! It should be noted that this was recorded prior to the airing of the episode “Hardhome”, so we still hadn’t seen the attack of the white walkers or Danny’s incredible dragon escape.

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  1. I’d have killed to be there for this. But apparently the room was full enough as it was.

  2. Did you evil geeks see the Khaleesi totally abandon her homies and take off her dragon? That sounds like something an evil geek would do.

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