Evil Movie Review: Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country

Hello again geeks, today is a good day for me with regards to the Star Trek universe. Today I write the last review of the original six movies. This means I have successfully made it through The Original Series, and I am just as happy to be leaving them behind as I am to be heading towards The Next Generation. Here’s my review of the last of the original six movies, as well as a bonus summary of how I felt about all the movies.


You all know now how I felt about the last two movies in the series, so I was pretty much ready to get this over with after having suffered through movie five. This movie starts off with Sulu in his new ship as it encounters a major shock wave, and their crew realizes that the Klingon moon Praxis has been destroyed. The moon had been their major energy production facility, and with its destruction the Klingons are put in a very vulnerable position. They are no longer able to be in opposition to the Federation, and instead must be forced to ask assistance and membership of the Federation so that they can join a society where they can survive.

recognize that klingon? I just love seeing actors I know as klingons...great cosplay ideas brewing...

recognize that klingon? I just love seeing actors I know as klingons…great cosplay ideas brewing…

So the plot of this movie falls in to a diplomatic mission. Kirk and his crew have to meet a Klingon ambassador and discuss their differences and plan for peace. The meal goes ok, though the tension could melt the Klingon’s fake head ridges off. And none other than Christopher Plummer plays one of the Klingon officers Chang. But shortly after the meal the Enterprise fires at the Klingon vessel, two men board in space suits and kill the majority of the Klingons, especially those that seem to be in favor of peace. This scene is quite amusing, as the ship loses its gravity abilities and Klingons float around helplessly, with purple ketchup like blood belching along as they are shot.

does anyone else find this scene really comical?

does anyone else find this scene really comical?

Naturally Kirk and McCoy are framed and blamed for the whole thing, which results in their imprisonment on a Klingon prison planet. There a shape shifter helps them escape but her motives were actually to help the Klingons get away with murdering them. Luckily Spock is a step ahead as always and beams the two out safely, where they finish up the movie on a mission to reveal the traitor that attacked the Klingons and successfully continue the peace talks so that Klingons can be integrated in to the federation.


At the very end our crew hijack the soon to be decommissioned Enterprise and take off for one last never to be told adventure. And yup, that’s it. Quick summary, I know. It was rather basic, but I must confess, I kind of liked it. I enjoyed this diplomatic mission and seeing Kirk finally develop in to a decent person that could get past events with Klingons (when they killed his son back in movie 3). I actually have to say that I think the two movies with the most Klingons, #3 and 6, were my two favorites.


There were also a lot of big names in this movie, but reading about it revealed why. One of the directors wanted to get as many big name actors as possible to increase the hype about the movie. And as much as I enjoy science fiction, it was nice to have a movie that had a more believable plot. It’s just that so many other Star Trek movies and episodes deal with odd life forms or the Utopia complex. This one just dealt with the interactions between too very different species, similar to interactions between opposing countries. It just seemed so much more basic and believable. Even with the corny scene of purple blood floating around in zero gravity, it at least made you feel sympathy for the previously misunderstood Klingons. And watching everything work out for improving diplomatic relations made me happy. I look forward to seeing more Klingons on the Enterprise in the future. Until then, live long and prosper geeks.


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