Ep 124 – Hanging at the Ev-Phil Lair with Phil Sawyer and Scott Smith



Hey there, Evil Geeks! In today’s episode C-Mart, Undies of Wondy, and Paulo Pinta sit down with Producers Phil Sawyer and Scott Smith about all things movies and about FantaCon, Phil’s upcoming mega-con this summer in Albany, NY. Be sure to check out FantaCon this August 29-30 at the Empire State Plaza. Stop in and say “Hi!” To the Evil Geeks when you’re there! For more info head over to FantaCon.com.

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  1. Great episode, dudes!

    Listening to all the movie talk in this episode truly made me feel like I knew nothing about film. Way-to-go!

    • Thanks for listening! Yes, while the “cool kids” spent their high school years drinking, partying, and having an ungodly amount of sex, we were working our way through the Blockbuster Video film library. Finally after all these years, it’s paying off!

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