Cover Of The Day 6/3/15

Celebrating the release of Secret Wars #3 today I thought we’d feature the cover. All 8 issues of the series have their main covers done by Alex Ross with (surprise, surprise) tons of other variants from different artists. The story itself in the first two issues has proved to be very interesting, presenting a Marvel universe mash up of insane proportions.

This cover though brings that mash up front and center. We have our heroes on the left and the evil cabal on the right with both the regular universe’s Reed Richards as well as the Ultimate universe Reed (now known as The Maker) front and center. A mirrored version of each other, no doubt paying tribute to how important both versions of this character will play during this event.

Will the rest of the series live up to the hype? It’s impossible to say, so let’s just take a minute to admire the cover instead.


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