Evil Geeks Book Report – IDW’s Jem & The Holograms is Truly, Truly Outrageous!



Jem and the girls in their original form!

Being that I was born in the early 90’s, ‘Jem’ is just a bit before my time, but I can recall the first time I saw an episode some years back. These glam rockers with fierce fashion, a sassy can-do attitude and strong enforcers of friendship/sisterhood immediately sucked me into their world, so I asked for the DVD box set for Christmas and watched the whole thing in marathon form. From ‘The Misfits’ horrifying attempts to blow up an orphanage (yes, you read that right) to thwart their musical arch-rivals, The Holograms, to Roxy’s illiteracy, to that time Jem took in an orphan with a pill problem, this show had it all.


“We are the Misfits, our songs are better…” don’t lie, you sang it too.

So naturally, I was completely disappointed when I found out that the movie would have, literally, zero ties to the classic show I had come to know and love. I almost wish you all could have seen my face when I watched the trailer, which might as well have been ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ with music. Maybe. I didn’t even hear them play in the trailer, I don’t think.

When I heard the comic was amazing, I was a little skeptical, because the film trailer crushed my expectations and I didn’t want another disappointment. This weekend I picked up the first two issues and was floored at how amazing they were.


Page 1 of the IDW comic, Jerrica literally chokes on stage. View the girls in their awesome modern glory!

While the girls’ looks have obviously been updated to reflect modern times, their multi-colored hair still fits right in with today’s fashion and they still look FIERCE. Like, seriously, I want literally all of their clothes, especially Kimber’s. The art on this book is amazing, I really love Sophie Campbell’s work on it. I was a little worried about how they would convey music within the comic because,well, it’s a comic. But I absolutely loved how they got the “music” feel across via artwork. I almost wish they would release some music to go along with the comic because THAT would be the cherry on top for me. Also, double bonus points for giving these girls realistic body types and features. Aja is definitely rockin’ those curves.

The plot manages to pay tribute to the cartoon without giving us the exact same story, which I found to be completely refreshing. I mean, nobody wants an EXACT carbon copy of the original. That’s what makes the original, well, original. I love that they’ve made Jerrica kind of a vulnerable, shy character, because it’s a cool contrast to Jem, the “It Girl”. Jem and Jerrica are two very separate people, which is something that kind of got lost in the cartoon. (Seriously, Rio, how did you NOT KNOW?) And I nearly jumped for joy upon reading that Kimber is actually a lesbian. Hooray for LGBT representation! And double hooray because I secretly have always shipped Kimber and Stormer since that one episode when they both quit their respective bands and tried to make it on their own as performers. Kimber and Stormer actually go on a date at the end of the second issue, and it was too much for my fangirl heart!


Kimber likes girls. This is not a drill. Commence Undiesofwondy freak out in 3…2…1…

I love how the writers brought back the characters we know and love but put a modern twist on them to differentiate it from the cartoon. They were also able to develop/flesh out these characters a bit, which is saying a lot considering I only read two issues. The Misfits are still as sassy as ever and The Holograms are their fabulous selves. In the back of the comics, they have ‘profiles’ of each of the characters to help you get to know them on a more personal level.


How many pieces of cool ‘Holograms’ artwork can I squeeze into a single article? Let’s find out?

Issue 3 is already out and I’m dying to get my paycheck so I can have it. Also, I’m so obsessed with the art I may invest in those cool holographic foil sets. All in all, this comic is a MUST read for any previous Jem fans, and is a great place to get started if you would like to read about fabulous rock divas. I would definitely say that IDW has succeeded: Jem is still, truly, truly, outrageous after all these years.

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