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We just experienced another week of deaths, revenge, and angst in the realm and Lilith is here to tell you all about it. Not only will there be spoilers, but lots of opinions and a sad but needed announcement at the end of today’s post. Let’s see what Martin’s vile creations were up to on HBO this past Sunday, shall we?


At the end of last week’s episode I (and everyone else) was wondering what would happen to the beloved Grey Worm and Barristan. I suspected that Grey Worm would survive, for now, and Barristan would have been fatally wounded. And to my dismay I was right. Granted, I wish both of them had lived, but it was super sad to lose this incredibly skilled swordsman and wise councilor in what felt like such a quick and unjust way. Dany felt the same way and decided to exact her revenge, but taking the heads of household for each of the royal families to prison, which just so happens to be next to her chained up dragons. She even fed one of them to the two.


Which leads me to the one thing I loved about this episode: there was a decent amount of dragon time. But I spent the whole time during that first scene just wanting to see Dany remove the chains from her dragons and let them go! No they aren’t tame, but they deserve to be free, and I have faith that she will find a way to lead them. They are too beautiful to be chained, and I fear they are going to grow resentful towards her if she ever does let them out.


Back up at the Wall Jon Snow is still trying to figure out his moves. And despite many men of the Night’s Watch being against it, he decides to leave and try to get the Wildlings to come south of the Wall and help Westeros fight the Walkers. I have a feeling he is going to be successful, though it will probably lead to the death of him. And speaking of people that I think are going to get killed, Stannis is finally starting to grow on me, leaving me to think he is not long for this world. He is coming off as more moral, smart, introspective, and as having all the traits of someone that could be a good king. In Martin’s world that probably means he’s got about 3 more episodes ahead of him. I’m not going to get attached, but I will hope for Sansa’s sake that he at least is able to capture Winterfell.


Why is that? Because I can’t handle seeing the faces of those Boltons anymore. My god they are disgusting. The first scene in Winterfell is of Ramsey with his girlfriend who is all pouty about him marrying Sansa. Just on a side note, I know being super skinny is a popular trait in Hollywood, and boobs are a big part of what brings in some viewers of GoT, but this actress was disgustingly skinny! She was staring out a window naked while she talked with Ramsey and her hip bones were sticking out like spikes. Ugh! And though the producers would probably deny it, the scene really seemed to delve in to another rape scene. Ramsey’s girlfriend did not want sex, and Ramsey flat out told her that she was his property. A lot of things about GoT bother me, but my blood started boiling at about that time again.


As the episode continued I found myself wondering what I would do if I was in her shoes. Or Sansa’s. For in the next scene Ramsey subjects Sansa to the most humiliating encounter with Greyjoy making her acknowledge him and the fact that he burned both her brothers to death (or at least they think he did). She’s learned to hold her tongue after being with Joffrey, but this scene just made me want her to stand up and start slitting people’s throats. It would be fitting seeing as how Daddy Bolton did that to her mother. Next thing I know I find myself thinking how if I was any of these characters I would lose my shit, and just goo on a killing spree. Arya has her hit list. I would be a little more calculating in that I would try to plot out how many of my enemies I could kill in one day, since being realistic I would end up being caught and killed myself, so might as well try to take out as many of them as I could in one shot.

My anger didn’t seem to get any less as things moved forward. Ramsey and his father’s conversation really showed that the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree, and the obnoxious comments about his fat wife were painful. Last week the episode was gay-shaming, this week it’s fat-shaming. How does HBO get away with this?!?!


The ending of the episode shows Jorah and Tyrion paddling up to Valryia, which will be a quicker route to Meereen. The views of this ancient civilization were gorgeous. My quick google search did not reveal where it was filmed, so I am thinking a lot of it was CGI. But it was stunning, the beautiful ruins. And as Tyrion takes it all in Drogon flies out of the mist and out towards the sea: it was stunning. Tyrion is silenced for the first time in a while, checking off “seeing a dragon” from his bucket list. I could watch that scene again and again, Drogon was so beautiful. And I wish the episode had ended there. Instead we added a new villain: Stone Men.

game-of-thrones-stone man.png

These are people suffering from a disease called Greyscale that causes your skin to harden and flake, and often times leads to death. When you survive, you either have crippling disfigurements like Stannis’ daughter, or you end up living in a colony off your rocker like those that suddenly jumped from the ruins in Valyria and attacked Jorah and Tyrion. Now my opinion: I think the last thing GoT needs is another villain, especially a supernatural one. We already have like 16 different story lines to follow, and now you throw this in to the mix? The other thing thrown in to the mix is whether or not Tyrion was touched by the man that pulled him under the water: if he was, he could have contracted Greyscale, which would likely kill him. To top it all off, Jorah hides the fact that he was touched and infected. Now how the hell is he going to NOT touch Tyrion or Dany or anyone else? This just seems like a bad idea on so many levels. Which got me to wondering if/when Martin will kill off Dany or Tyrion, my two favorite characters. And also got me thinking that this show is not fair, causes me so much anger and angst, and really hates on a lot of people. I end my Sunday nights frustrated and feeling murderous. Who wants that?! I don’t, and I don’t know why so many people keep subjecting themselves to those feelings like I have.


Which leads me to my announcement: I am done with Game of Thrones. The thought of not knowing what happens to Jamie in Dorne, or Cersei getting punished for her deeds, or Dany’s dragons being freed and helping her come to power saddens me a little. But the frustration and negative emotions on the route there to find that out is not worth it. I don’t need Martin to teach me a lesson that “Not everyone lives like they always do on Doctor Who.” I think of myself as a compassionate, kind, moral person, and my job literally makes me a life saver. The last thing I need is a TV show to make me want to hurt people, so I am throwing in the towel and cutting myself off. Hopefully another geek will take up the posts for me in the future, and no, I don’t care if you tell me any spoilers in the future- especially if they involve good things happening to the characters that actually deserve it.

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