Tales From Westeros – Sons of the Harpy

Lilith here, and just when I was getting a little down on Game of Thrones last week I was pleasantly surprised with what I found to be a very entertaining episode. I know last week I had some great discussion with you readers about my general loss of enthusiasm for the show. Well, in addition to the play by play (spoiler filled) review this week, I wanted to delve a little more in to my personal thoughts about and frustrations with the show. Here’s to hoping it’s as entertaining for you to read as it was fun for me to write!


The big development this week was venturing in to Dorne. And we had a lot of Jaime Lannister this week, which made me happy. It’s also interesting that as Jaime and Bronn discuss their plan, it is revealed that the parentage of Cersei’s children might not have been kept as secret as they wanted. I hated that Jaime said he would kill Tyrion if he ever saw him again as retribution for killing their father. I mean, we all know that as*hole Tywin deserved it.

But the two successfully sneak in to Dorne, arriving on the beach. They are quickly spotted by some soldiers, resulting in what I thought was a really great sword fight scene. I think having it occur in the sand added a difficulty to all those involved, and Jaime’s accidental use of his metal hand was hilarious. But after the fight Jaime insists that Bronn bury the bodies, all by himself. I don’t think he is going to win himself any favors this way. And the Lannisters can only boss people around with the promise on monetary rewards for so long.


Sticking in Dorne, I want to bring up something I liked about the women of Dorn: I realize a lot of them are likely prostitutes as well, but I love the Sand Snakes. I love their outfits, and love their tenacity. So here will be my first major rant of the post: one of the things I am sick about with GoT is the objectification of women. 90% of the women on the show are prostitutes, and boob/vagina shots outweigh any other nudity 10 to 1. In general, many woman are weak, objects, and in the background. I say many, not all. I know there are some major female characters in the show/books: Arya, Sansa, Daenerys, Brienne, Cersei, etc. But even with them, in most cases being a woman makes you weaker. The way you can establish control in most cases is by using your body (i.e. what the Red Woman does in this very episode to Jon Snow). Granted, those of you that know me know my stance on animal rights, but the treatment of women in this show is similar to that of animals in present day. Some Martin fans will tell me he wrote a period piece, to which my response is: Westeros is a made up fantasy world, he wrote it in present day, and there calendar is not in line with ours, so it is an entirely different world, not a period piece. Besides, the thought of women being treated like this at any point in history is appalling.


Ok, rant #1 over, now back to the women of Dorne: so far I love them. Yes their outfits are designed like many others on the show: to make them sexy. But these women are sexy and powerful. Think Amazon women, or Zoey Washburne. Makes me happy. While I don’t agree with starting a war, I love their bad ass attitude and the fact that they are a band of women, not needing men to come up with their plots. They also torture the sailor that gave them the information about Jaime Lannister being in Dorn in a pretty wicked way: buried in sand, with a basket of scorpions over his head. I think Arthur Harkness would approve. I sincerely look forward to seeing the development of these female characters, and will be routing for them even if it means Jaime Lannister has to suffer because of it.

What else happened this episode? Lots. There was lots of discussion between Baelish and Sansa, as well as amongst Stannis and his group. Snow has insisted on staying on the wall, and Baelish revealed his big plan: to let Sansa marry the Bolton boy only to help Stannis take over Winterfell from the north, and then allow Sansa to rise to power. As much as I hate Sansa the majority of the time, I would be quite pleased if she becomes Wardeness of the North. Granted, Baelish kissing her and her allowing it at the end of their conversation made my stomach churn. But there were lots of rumors being thrown about the popular Martin fan theory R+L=J. Look it up, will be interesting to see if that plays out in the show before it does in the books.


Back to King’s Landing Cersei has started to get her revenge. Last week we saw Margaery be wicked bold in telling her off in her own way. This week Cersei has given weapons to the group The Sparrows, a conservative religious group that wants to punish all sinners. However, rant #2 from this week specifically, pretty much sinners= gay people this week. I realize that the Sparrows were portrayed as a psycho, evil group of religious zealots, yet it really pissed me off that they targeted homosexuals over any other sinner this week. Granted, that was all part of Cersei’s plan, so that her betrothed Sir Loras ends up in jail. All I can say is at least they didn’t outright kill him like they did so many others. Now, if you make the argument that it is a period piece to me about its persecution of gays I might explode. All of the various religions practiced in the show are made up and different from any of ours, more consistent with paganism in most cases, so why should this alternate reality have a religious movement against homosexuality as well?!?! I hope HBO can fix this wrong they have committed, otherwise I would support all those who decided to boycott the show for its portrayal of homosexuality as a sin punishable by death. It also made me realize how forward thinking shows like Doctor Who are with their completely normal representation of numerous same sex couples. It would be refreshing to see more of that on GoT.


Now we still have one more area of the realm to attend to: the Free Cities and the lands currently being ruled by Daenerys. Dany is dealing with a troublesome outbreak of violence as well, though before we get there I thought Jorah’s revelation that his plan to take Tyrion to the Queen, aka Queen Targaryen, was not expected. Last week we all thought his statement referred to his plan to bring Tyrion to Cersei in order to obtain a reward on his head. But this week he revealed his Queen is the Mother of Dragons herself. What was very neat to listen to was Tyrion figuring it all out, what happened to Jorah, who he was, why he wants to be back in Dany’s good graces. If he’s that smart to figure it all out makes you appreciate that he would be an excellent member of any ruling party’s inner council. Here’s to hoping he ends up on Dany’s. Especially since there will be some vacancies.


What is that I say? Yes, The Sons of the Harpy, the rebel group lashing out against Daenerys, ambushed a large group of her army, including Grey Worm and Barristan. We won’t know until next week, but after an epic battle where the two slaughter a large group of rebels, I believe Barristan is likely mortally wounded. Grey Worm I am not as sure. He has been stabbed but might survive. I think it would be too much to ask for both of them to survive, but let’s hope for one. I look forward to seeing Dany’s reaction and steps after she discovers what’s happened to her favored inner council.


Before I close up today’s review I have one more rant for you. Last week it was revealed that I am exhausted and frustrated with GoT lately. I listed a couple reasons in today’s post, specifically their poor treatment and portrayals of women and gays, people for whose rights I try to fight for in my real life. But I guess my other common frustration is the lack of morality of so many characters, and the lack of rewarding good people. That is a common theme among Martin’s books, and many would say that is why they love it: they never know who is going to die, no one is clearly good or evil, and the people that you grow fond of can just as easily make bad decisions or be murdered in what feels like an unjust move. Some would say it makes his books more like real life. I would disagree, on a couple points. First, I don’t think this is what real life is like. Yes, everybody lies, and does bad things, and can be manipulative or cruel at times, but the majority of people in the world are taught to be moral and good. Some of us might fall short of how we want to be, and there are always the occasional outlier psychopath, but most people in the world are taught by their parents to strive to be a good person. Secondly, one of the reasons I love reading books is because it transports me to another world (or realm in this case), and when I am there I want things to be right. I want people to be good. I want to heroes to be rewarded, to live. I want the bad guys to fail, to suffer even. If I can’t make everything go perfectly in my own world, I at least want to live out my fantasies in a world where it does. So maybe the constant stress and lack of compensation or recognition going to the good guys on this show is finally getting to me. But after this week’s episode I am a little more captivated again, and look forward to seeing HBO tidy up some lose ends, and hopefully punish some bad guys next week.

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