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On a recent trip to Walt Disney World I couldn’t resist stopping in the Art Of Disney store. I have a love affair with art and a serious problem of buying too much without enough space to in my apartment to hang it all (more reason to buy a house you say?). However, when I stumbled upon one particular piece of art, I did a double take.


Am I seeing a steampunk version of Uncle Scrooge’s car? Furthermore it’s a time machine? Huey, Luey and Deuy are there too so does that somehow make this DuckTales related? I didn’t need to know anything else because I bought that print immediately.

The artist turns out to be Mark Page a Disney Imagineer oh and there’s more, so much more.

Mickey and Minnie?




Even Daisy? (why not)


But that’s not it, he has some equally amazing non Disney steampunk work as well.

zeppelin-flyer-mark-page the-blue-legion-mark-page
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If you like what you see you can check out more of Mark’s work via his website here.

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  1. I love the steam rhino – it makes an already intimidating animal even more fearsome.

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