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Hello again geeks, it’s almost time for the weekend, which means you can relive last week’s Game of Thrones episode with me here as I hash out all that I loved and hated about it. Things are moving along fast this season, and emotions are high. But you can only fit so much in to an hour long episode, so let’s see what this wedding filled episode had for us.


Last week Arya made it in to The House of Black and White. This week we get to see inside it. And it only created more questions if you ask me. Poor Arya is being forced to earn her place amongst them by building character sweeping the floors. And a large, ominous black pool lies in the center of the building, from which people drink the ater and die. I mean, I am all for death with dignity, but something tells me these people might not understand what type of koolaid they are signing up to drink. And what is with the other woman in the house? She seems even more bitter and angry than Arya, and sadly for our little Stark she takes her anger out on Arya. If the House is trying to wipe their members of emotions like they seem to be, this other girl is drowning in jealousy and competition, not exactly a prime candidate for their cult either. I personally wish Arya would leave this House and find some other way towards her revenge. When they asked her to get rid of all her possesions but she hid Needle in the rocks instead of throwing it in the water I was proud of her, though I think it is going to bite her in the butt later.


Moving on, this was the first wedding on Game of Thrones without a lot of fanfare! Tommen marries Margaery in a quick and smooth event, with much less fanfare than the Purple or Red Weddings of prior seasons. And wow, this match just feels so wrong, I mean, Tommen is such a little boy! And Marge realizes she can wrap him even tighter around her finger by using sex. Before now Tommen has been such a secondary character, so it makes you wonder how important he will become as things continue. Could he be one of the first kind and moral Lannister?


Speaking of Margaery, she was on fire this week! I have admired her ability to manipulate others in the past, but this episode she rocked! Not only did she convince Tommen that his mother might want to leave King’s Landing (which Cersei of course does not want to), she also stuck it to Cersei pretty damn well. The balls on her this week! I just hope she isn’t getting too bold, which might push Cersei to come up with a way to get rid of her. I hope not.

The other big match-making even this week involved none other than Sansa Stark herself! This poor freaking girl. Baelish arranged her marriage to another sociopath, this time Ramsay Bolton. I men, I don’t know who could be considered worse: Ramsay or Joeffrey?!?! I mean, Ramsay just flayed people and hung them outside his gates, and Sansa has to marry him? I admit, I am not a big fan of Sansa, but I can’t help but feel sorry for this poor girl. That being said, she was told by Baelish that she could refuse the marriage, and she didn’t. Granted I don’t think he would have actually let her leave and abandon plan, but still, walking in to that arranged marriage just seemed so weak! I am just gonna keep hoping that Brienne will eventually save her.

yeah right.

yeah right.

Up on The Wall this week Snow really established his seniority and rightful place as the Lord and Commander of the Night’s Watch. He also was channeling his father as he sentenced a man who defied him to death, and was sure to hand down that sentence himself. We haven’t had a beheading in a while, but Snow made sure that we weren’t suffering from withdrawl this week.


And lastly we got a lot more time with Tyrion this week, which was very appreciated. Sadly no Daenerys, but there was definitely some Daenerys cosplay. But stupid Tyrion went and got himself kidnapped by Mormant, meaning now we will probably get to see a game of catch while Varys and Jorah go back and forth trying to keep Tyrion in their possession. Naturally we will assume that Mormont is going to try to bring Tyrion back to Cersei to get a reward and hopefully make something of himself again in King’s Landing. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t make it longer than one episode back to wards Cersei.


What I will say is I was very disappointed there was no actual Daenerys, or any Jamie Lannister this episode. Hopefully they will make up for that next week. All in all I have to say that this season’s Game of Thrones has been a little less thrilling in comparison to last season’s. But I’ll probably keep watching since I’m just as hooked as the next person’s.

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  1. wow, you guys are totally right. There was a beheading last week that I forgot about. Sadly I think I am a bit underwhelmed with this season in general so far. And if I am completely honest, I think I am exhausted by all the death and womanizing. I feel obliged to keep watching GoT, but it might be turning in to a show that is not for me. Glad you guys are loving it. My boyfriend also loved this past week’s episode, and he has read all the books so far (I only made it through book 3), so maybe book readers are getting more out of it than others. I’ll try to be less critical with this week’s review, but I think I am becoming all Game of Thrones-overdosed.

    • Totally understand. I am a book reader, so in some ways this season is exciting since the show is adapting some of the storylines dramatically, and are deviating from the books but still carrying a strong amount of A Song of Ice and Fire DNA.

      Hey, it’s your call how critical you want to be, but I enjoy that analysis. I respect hearing such a perspective. Totally valid.

      Regardless if I agree or not (and really, my agreement isn’t all that necessary) I applaud the work you’re doing with the recap and reviews.

  2. I also think this is the best episode so far – so much has been revealed. And we all know how difficult it is to compress all the different plot lines in one single episode!

  3. You sounded a bit underwhelmed about the last episode, but I think it might have been one of the best early-season episodes. (Had Dany “dracarysed” someone, it would have been the best episode 3 ever.)

    You mentioned that we hadn’t had a beheading in awhile, but we had one just last episode in Meereen, when Dany had Daario behead Mossador for the crowd. We had a lot of executions this season so far…

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