Free Comic Book Day 2015 Reviews – Part Three (Kodansha Comics Edition)


What’s up Evil Geeks? It’s your friendly neighborhood Undiesofwondy here with some FCBD goodness. I chose to do the Kodansha Comics FCBD Title because I figured none of the other Evil Geeks would willingly review a manga, so without further ado, here are all the samples that existed within the Kodansha Comics FCBD book!

Attack on Titan and Attack on Titan: Before the Fall

I chose to review this title because I’m familiar with the Attack on Titan anime and it’s not half bad. Both these snippets in the FCBD feature seemed to be the shortest, so it was hard to see if anything was any different from the show, which I’ve really only watched minimally. All I know is that those Titans are horrifying looking and the stuff my childhood nightmares were made of. All in all, I didn’t think this was a large enough sample to say whether or not I even enjoyed it and would pick up the actual title. But, hey, giants smashing stuff and eating people are cool anyway, so I’d probably enjoy it. From what I understand, Before the Fall is a prequel series to Attack on Titan.

Volumes 1-15 are available of the Attack on Titan series and Volumes 1-4 of Attack on Titan: Before the Fall are currently available as well.


Noragami: Stray God

I haven’t read manga in a while, but judging from the sample given of Noragami: Stray God, I would definitely start again with this title. It was literally captivating from start to finish. Basically, this god Yato is kind of a joke as far as gods go. He’s really full of himself and thinks he should be worshipped by everyone, but nobody even knows who he is. Since he has no temple to reside in, he spends his free time doing odd jobs and helping people for profit in order to build the temple of his dreams. In this particular snippet, Yato is helping a girl who is being severely bullied in school. Although the characters look cute and harmless, this title is definitely not for the younger set and I wouldn’t recommend this to the faint of heart. This girl Mutsumi’s classmates are brutal in their bullying of her, telling her to kill herself and to slit her own wrists. (I know, right? Seriously, Japan, chill.) Yato then points out this gigantic monster following her, coaxing Mutsumi to do horrible things, like end her own life. Obviously this is a metaphor for the “dark place” we’ve seen so many victims of bullying disappear into. (Actual quote from this manga: “When you’re weak, they’ll pounce.” Yeah. I know.) He also reveals that a little good luck charm Mutsumi made for herself is actually a tiny little creature telling her to not give up and continue on being strong. It was adorable and even a little emotional for me reading that! The sample ends with the big scary depress-y monster spreading his darkness all over the school Mutsumi attends, so I would definitely be interested to see how that ends up! I’m also interested in this title to see what other different odd jobs Yato takes for himself. The characters are really hilarious, especially Yato and his sidekick whose name they didn’t mention.

Volumes 1-4 of Noragami: Stray God are currently out, with a 5th Volume coming out in June.


Vinland Saga

Uhh, I’m really not sure what I just read. There were some armies and a dragon. Nothing really happened, except this one guy yelled at a fat guy and called him a fat ass. Literally, that’s all. The dragon looked cool, though.

Vinland Saga 1-5 are out currently, but since I literally couldn’t grasp any sort of plot from the few pages of sample given, I couldn’t tell you if this is a good title at all.



Wow, this thing started off as depressing as ‘Up’ from Pixar. If you haven’t seen ‘Up’…well, good for you, part of your soul is still whole. The sample starts off with this old guy getting terminal cancer, and NOBODY CARES EVEN. So he befriends a dog and cries on a swing set about it. I’m serious, that’s really what happens. I wanted to give this cute old man a hug! Then something happens and there’s talk of alien life forms and a gigantic puff of smoke and stuff – and then the whole thing goes back to normal like nothing happened? According to the description of the manga title, he is struck by something and notices himself becoming different, and perhaps he even gets a chance to redeem himself as a respected man. I’m still really sad and confused by this title, but as it’s a sci-fi story, I would probably revisit it out of curiosity!

The first Volume of this manga comes out in August!


 Your Lie in April

Just based off the description, the story seems like it would be adorable. A grieving male pianist is brought out of depression by a female violinist. I mean, how can that not be adorable and romantic? Apparently this is a new anime now that I’ll have to watch! The sample is just a tiny snippet into the cuteness that is love and music and I just want to hug my pink fluffy stuffed alpaca and throw up a rainbow, that’s how super kawaii desu this title seems.

Volume 1 is out and Volume 2 will be out in June!

So all in all, I would give this FCBD title from Kodansha Comics an 8/10, because it had a lot of cool content and titles I would probably read in the future. I definitely will look into Noragami: Stray God and Your Lie in April. Thanks so much to Earthworld Comics for allowing me to read this title ahead of time, and Kodansha Comics for giving us such a diverse selection for FCBD. I still have one more FCBD title to review, so come back soon, fellow people of the internet!

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