Free Comic Book Day 2015 Reviews – Part Four (Pokémon Edition)

Hey friends! Undiesofwondy here again with another round of FCBD goodness for you. When I saw a Pokémon comic was up for grabs as part of the FCBD comics, I knew I had to review it. Pokémon was such an instrumental part of my childhood, and yes, still important in my adulthood, because Pokémon Shuffle is literally addicting.

Since I’m such a huge fan of all things Pokémon, I decided to see what the little pocket monsters were up to! The FCBD issue gives us previews of a bunch of different Pokémon titles, including ‘Pokémon XY’ (Volume 1), ‘Pokémon Adventures: Emerald (Volume 26) and ‘Pokémon Adventures: Black &White’. 


In ‘Pokémon XY’, we open on the success of ‘Trainer X’, resting on the laurels of his most recent victory, he is being praised by the media, his face smiling and happy. Later in the comic, we find out that ‘Trainer X’ was torn apart by the media (awwww, poor little guy) and has quit training his Pokémon, secluding himself from the outside world in his room. Who knew Pokémon training could be so emotionally taxing? I mean, logistically, a Pokémon trainer has to care for all these little animals and make sure they’re happy in order to ensure their own success as a trainer. That’s gotta be hard for an 11 year old. But I digress…

Trainer X happens to have some awesome friends who try and get him out of his room and back into training, one friend even takes care of Li’l Kanga, X’s prized Pokémon. Apparently, Li’l Kanga has been feeling X-ey’s absence more than anyone (once again, awwww..poor little guy!) and the absence of his trainer has even stunted his evolution process!

Trainer Y tries to convince X to come out of his room, but it seems like a lost cause…or is it? Apparently we can find out if X goes back to training in Volume 1 of ‘Pokémon XY’! (My guess is, yes.)

We also have ‘Pokémon Adventures: Emerald’ and ‘Pokémon Adventures: Black & White’ equally entertaining stories that seem to follow more of the plot of the popular game series. 

I would highly recommend this FCBD title for kids, as well as fellow Pokéfans like myself. All 3 stories are entertaining and give me the same nostalgia feels the games do. Gotta read ’em all! (See what I did there?) Now, if you’ll excuse me, these Pokémon aren’t going to shuffle themselves!

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