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Been a long time, but Big Evil’s back with a pretty awesome video courtesy of the CW. With all the Marvel news lately; DD, Avengers, Ant Man, the folks at the CW didn’t want you to forget about their awesome DC properties Flash and Arrow. With that, they’ve put together a fun little “Fight Club” that pits our favorite heroes versus their nemeses. It’s completely out of context, but shows that the CW isn’t afraid to have fun with their shows, check it out…

Not bad, right? Well imagine if they took this concept and did something with it a la Roulette; who is a pretty cool DC villain, usually associated with the Justice Society, but also has a history with Ollie in other TV interpretations of him on both Justice League Unlimited and Smallville. Although probably just a fun one off, it’d be cool to see something like this on Arrow where there is some sort of deathmatch!

Alas, no Slade Wilson or Ray Palmer…guess they were busy.

Anyway,make sure that you watch the last 5 episodes of the season where Ollie has to deal with Ra’s and Barry dukes it out with the Reverse Flash!

‘Til next time nerds!

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