Tales From Westeros – The Wars To Come

It’s been too long you crazy Martin fans. A year has passed and here we are at the season 5 premier for Game of Thrones. We’ve all been watching the previews and trailers with heavy anticipation, and April is finally upon us. Here is my spoiler-laden review of this packed first episode of season 5.


What better way to start a show then with a flash back? Two young and likely royal rick girls walk through the woods, and all you need to do is wait for the blonde one to talk to figure out who she is. This blonde girl is quite the spoiled bi*ch, so naturally it is Cersei and one of her childhood friends. She is seeking to have her fortune told to her from a local witch, and is not subtle in demanding she get her way. She is told by the witch that she will become queen, her king will have 20 children whereas she will only have 3 with crowns of gold, and that her rein will not last. Instead she will be replaced by a woman more beautiful and young than her. Sounds quite Snow White-ish, right? Cersei would have made a good Evil Witch herself.


Flash forward to the future and Cersei’s attitude has not changed. She doesn’t care that people have been waiting for hours to view her father’s body, she gets the whole viewing area to herself as long a she wants. A quick look to Margaery makes you wonder if that old prophecy about Cersei being replaced was in reference to her. I must say that while Jaime and Cersei’s conversation over dead Tywin’s body was a little more PC than the last time they were found along with a dead relative, it still frustrated me. Cersei preached of how terrible Tyrion was and is for having killed their sadistic father, and it frustrated me that Jaime didn’t speak up for Tyrion, or against Tywin.

Speaking of Tyrion, he and Varys have landed safely in Pentos, and Varys reveals his plan: to travel to Daenerys and potentially help her ascend to the Iron Throne in Westoros, hopefully resulting in peace and prosperity again. He thinks Tyrion would be a good assistant in this task, and amazingly he agrees. I think the toughest part of this conversation for me was not the vomiting that Tyrion did, but that I just feel like I can’t trust Varys. Naturally I want to, I mean, Tyroin and Dany are my favorite characters so to see them join forces would be epic, but Varys is known as the spider so it’s hard to believe what he claims to desire.


And what is happening with Dany in the mean time? Her unsullied are being attacked by a band of rebels known as the Sons of the Harpy. This scene probably featured the most violent of the episode: an unsullied named White Rat getting his throat slit unexpectedly. Daenerys will not have this and sets Grey Worm on finding these rebels and bringing them to justice. But the saddest scene of the episode for me was not this death, but instead was Dany’s trip down to her currently penned up dragons. Drogon is still missing, and Daario (whom she is currently sleeping with, UGH!) tells her she is not much a dragon queen without dragons. So she travels down to visit her babies, only to have them try to attack her. Seeing her run away in fear of what is supposed to give her power was pitiful. I don’t know how she is supposed to control her dragons, but I have to agree until she learns how she will be no queen in Westeros. Maybe Tyrion has read something in a book about How To Train Your Dragon.


Back in The Vale, we never did figure out if the Hound died, or how he died, after last episode. But we do get a glimpse of Brienne and Podrick as they contemplate what to do next. Brienne still seems determined to try to find Sansa Stark, not realizing that she rode by her in a carriage as she has this conversation. I hope they have more in store for her this season. And that Jaime’s path crosses with hers again, she is such a stellar character.

The last place of Westeros we travel to this episode is The Wall. A lot happened there at the end of Season 4, and a lot happened in this first episode as well. Stannis has claimed The Wall, and it surprises me how quickly the men of the black seem to go along with it. But Stannis tries to convince Mance Rayder to have the Wildlings join his army in Westeros. Mance doesn’t seem opposed to helping Stannis’ group, but refuses to bow to anyone, and is sentenced to death by burning at the stake instead. I am not a huge fan of Jon Snow, I honestly find him to be quite a whiny, obnoxious little brat. But when he shot Mance through the heart as he started to burn to end his suffering my heart grew a little bit for that mopey bastard.


Until next week nerds, hoping we all get our fill of dragons this season!

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