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Hey there gamers, I know there a lot of you following the geeks. And this is Lilith’s first time writing a game review. So it’s a big day I guess. Now this game is a board game, so unlike many video games will force you to be social with at least one other person. It’s still an easy way to forget about your day to day mundane existence and for at least a couple hours transplant yourself in to a thrilling post-apocalyptic scenario.


 The game is called Zombicide, and is currently my favorite board game. You can play with anywhere from 2-6 players, though I have only played with 2, so we each controlled 3 of the 6 characters. It’s cooperative. And it’s sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

The premise: there are several mission scenarios to chose from, but basically your group of 6 has some task ahead of you, only you have to accomplish this mission while surviving a zombie infested world. Missions consist of situations like getting raw materials and food from store houses, escaping with equipment by vehicle, or making it to a safe house in the middle of the board. While the rules only require one person to survive in most scenarios, I try to take it to the next level and only consider it a win if all 6 characters make it out alive (what can I say, I’m like Glenn).

my first time playing the game

my first time playing the game

Who are your characters? Well you have 6 generic, and typical, zombie-fighting characters to chose from. There is of course Phil (aka Rick) the fearless leader and former sheriff. Next there is Ned the crazy conspiracy theorist that turned out to be right about the impending apocalypse. Then you have Amy the bad-ass sword wielding female who has a stronger will to live than ever thanks to the zombie outbreak. And then there is Doug the office guy, who is secretly thrilled to have a hoard of zombies to take out in a similar fashion as to how he imagined taking out his co-workers in the past. Street smarts Josh grew up in a poor neighborhood already breaking the law. Then there is Wanda, the waitress who now sports chainsaws with her short skirt and roller skates.

Umm...oh shit

Umm…oh shit

There are certain zombies already present on the board as you start, but they continue to be attracted to noise you make or any line of sight they have with you, so more and more zombies populate the board from specific spawning points. To up the anty even further, there are different types of zombies you can encounter: there are the typical walkers we are used to from TWD, which definitely contribute to being able to hurt your players with their numbers more than anything. Then there are the fatties, also slow moving but sadly enormous, making them much more difficult to take down then a standard walker. The most terrifying zombies to me are the runners, the ones that like in 28 Days Later can haul ass quickly, and destroy you with violence and agility. And lastly there is the Abomination- this genetically manipulated super zombie that could only have come from the Umbrella Corporation if you ask me.

You start out with a set amount of weapons like pistols, baseball bats, and frying pans, but as you search more and more buildings you will pick up more survival gear like shotguns, chainsaws, and the elusive Molotov cocktail. And just when you think you are kicking butt some zombie will pop out from under some debris instead of the canned goods you were looking for. But if you work closely with your teammates and think things out ahead of time, there is a good chance you will survive. Of course, that does not mean the game is easy, and never is it boring. I spend the majority of my time playing it on the edge of my seat, already worrying about who can take off the runners at the end of the street before they overtake us.

wow, we were bad ass

wow, we were bad ass

I have made it through about half of the scenarios, mostly playing the medium and hard ranked courses, but there are certainly some ways to keep up the variability and difficulty. The games right now allow each player to be bitten once without repercussion, though being bitten twice is a death sentence. I already mentioned I made it an extra rule that all patients must survive the mission to be successful, but it would be easy to add a rule that just a single bite is fatal to make it more challenging. And despite the relative similarities in missions, you never can tell what zombies will show up around which corner, so just like in a real post-apocalyptic scenario, your adrenal glands are primed and ready. I strongly recommend this game to all the board game lovers and zombie lovers out there, of which there have got to be tons following this site.

escape! we won!

escape! we won!

Until next time geeks, happy zombie hunting.

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