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Holy moly zedheads, I don’t know about you but there was tons nail biting and yelling at the TV this week as I took in the Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead. I have to admit, writing this post feels so bittersweet. Knowing I have to wait until next fall before I can enjoy more of Rick’s new Alexandria, and have some of the cliffhangers we encountered explained, is saddening. But I can say thank you to The AMC for making this finale 90 minutes as opposed to the usual 60 minute episodes, gave us even more time to lament over this being a temporary stopping point until next season. Continue onward for my take and summary of this amazing, and shockingly lively season finale.


at the end of last week...

at the end of last week…

Last week we left off with Michonne putting Rick in his place after knocking him out when he was on a bloody faced tirade about the way the Alexandrians were living. But we don’t start off right where we left off. Instead we find Morgan in the woods, enjoying what looks like hot chocolate. We’ve seen glimpses of Morgan for a couple seasons now, but he’s getting awfully close to finding Rick. And this opening scene shows how ninja-esque he has become. He’s ambushed by two thugs with the recurring “W” he have been seeing on their heads, and they explain they are part of a group of people that think that evolved from wolves. (Wow, the zombie apocalypse really creates crazy-heads, doesn’t it?). But Morgan whips their butts with a single walking stick like any good ninja. The one thing he failed to do was kill them…which will come back to bite them in the ass some day.

let me use my Jedi mind tricks on you...

let me use my Jedi mind tricks on you…

On a side note, for those of you that watch the after show Talking Dead review, who knew the actor who played Morgan was British?!?! Amazing. There are so many epic Brits on this show, love it!

Now as I mentioned before, last week we saw Rick go off the deep end, and it saddened me a lot. I mean, Rick is a leader and a father and a good guy, or at least, he was. The moment he told Jessie last week that he would only be doing these things for her, not any decent person, I knew he was slipping again. So naturally this week Deanna has decided to hold a town forum where they can discuss the fate of Rick Grimes and whether or not he will be exiled. What I liked about the beginning of this episode was that Rick seemed to regain his composure, and reconnected with his friends before this meeting. Granted, they had a pretty sick and twisted plan to over throw the Alexandrians if things didn’t go their way, but it was nice to see Michonne and Rick mend the punch that came between them last week. And it was nice that Rick seemed a little more grounded and ready to reason with people rather than act like an animal like he did last week.

deep thinking going on here

deep thinking going on here

I guess there was a lot of reconciling this episode. Eugene and Abraham also have a heart to heart and seem to move past Eugene’s previous lies. I look forward to what Abraham can bring to the show in the future. He does not get enough screen time if you ask me, and he is a complex yet deep man. Despite the fact that during his speech in the forum that night he said “shit” at least 6 times.

if Glenn dies I riot

if Glenn dies I riot

Now the part of the episode where I did the most screaming and squirming was when Nicholas scales the wall out of town, and Glenn makes one of the dumbest mistakes I have ever seen him make: he follows him. I mean, Nicholas clearly climbed the wall from a point where Glenn could see him as if to taunt him, since Glenn told him he wasn’t allowed to leave the boundaries of the town again. Such a dumb mistake! I was proven right that it was a dumb move when Nicholas jumps out from behind a tree and shoots Glenn in the shoulder. But my wonderful pizza delivery boy busts his ass out of there before Nicholas can mortally wound him. The forest brawl between these two continued on throughout the entire episode, including a scene where Nicholas leaves Glenn with 3 walkers on top of him. I have to admit; I thought it was the end at that moment for my favorite character of the whole show. I really almost started crying. But I should not have doubted Glenn’s new epic badass status- he jumps Nicholas a little later as he is returning to town and annihilates him. He still made one mistake: he let the D-bag live. Which means I am now going to get a gastric ulcer wondering if he will make it back to Alexandria alive or not since our last shot of him in the episode was him helping Nicholas limp back to town.



While all of that stress was going on in Alexandria, Daryl and Aaron are getting close to finding another survivor. But when they spot a warehouse with a bunch of food trucks behind it they literally fall for the bait. There was something fishy about it the moment they walked up to those trucks. It was just a bad idea all around. If I had been them, I would have gone back to Alexandria and grabbed some more friends, as well as a truck to load up supplies in. Aaron did say it was only 50 miles from their home base after all. But instead they decide to check it out on their own, hoping to be food-laden heroes when they get back home. Opening the latch to one truck reveals a horde of walkers and also sets off a trap that opens all 4 trailers, loaded with what had to have been at least five dozen walkers. I nearly vomited watching them barely make it to a car in the lot, only to find a written note in the car that they should not stay as “bad people are coming”.

Just like I thought it was going to be lights out for Glenn earlier in the episode, I thought for sure it would be the last episode ever for either Aaron or Daryl. But again I was wrong. At the last minute Morgan and his ninja skills saves the two from the car. Oh the suspense was killing me!

phew, thank goodness for ninja Morgan

phew, thank goodness for ninja Morgan

The last little side story before the main event (aka the town meeting) of this episode dealt with Gabriel. We are all wondering what his motives are at this point, and I keep begging for him to get killed, but alas, I was not rewarded with that gift this episode either. Instead, Gabriel leaves the town on a suicide mission (don’t get your hopes up, he’s done this before). But when he chickens out yet again he leaves the gate to the town open on his way back in. A@shol#. Later in the episode, the falling apart Sasha tries to come to Gabriel for help, and he insults her and assaults her! If only Sasha had killed him! But again, Maggie comes and stops her before she pulls the trigger. Let’s just hope for exile next season.

this man also needs to die...

this man also needs to die…

Like I mentioned, the town meeting was really the finale of the finale. Deanna even quotes the betrayal Gabriel told her a couple episodes ago to the entire group. It’s mostly Alexandrians vs. the Rick Grimes club, but our crew tells some very compelling stories for Rick. Speaking of, where’s Rick? He’s supposed to be there, and Deanna has no problem commenting that his lack of attendance is not favorable for him. Lucky for us Rick Grimes fans, his absenteeism is because he is saving the town from the horde of walkers that Gabriel let in when leaving the gate open. He carries a body back to show them all the threat, which of course puts another nail in Gabriel’s exile coffin too as another town member announces Gabriel was the one who left the gate open. Rick gives a much nicer speech this time, avoiding the slippery slope to Governor-hood and instead taking Michonne’s approach to reasoning with these people ad why they need him. I don’t think they were completely sold, until the abusive and alcoholic surgeon husband made an appearance. Pete stumbles in with Michonne’s katana and threatens Rick, but as Deanna’s husband Reg tries to talk him down he slits the man’s throat. Such a sad death for a nice man.

His death was really a blessing for our crew though. And too little, too late for Deanna. It takes the death of her husband for her to realize that she should have trusted Rick’s suggestions from the get go. She asks him then to kill Pete, for which he happily obliges. At the same moment that Aaron, Daryl, and Morgan arrive back in town.

what the hell have you all been up to? seriously, we leave for one day...

what the hell have you all been up to? seriously, we leave for one day…

Talk about an intense episode! But, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, very lively. In that none of our major characters died! I mean, I thought for sure Sasha or someone was going to get offed by the end of the episode. But I was grateful to be wrong. And the last couple minutes of the episode did give us some suggestions as to what to expect next season. Here are some of my predictions.

I think Michonne not being able to set her katana back up on the wall means that she is no longer going to be so passive and domestic like Alexandria first made her. She’s back to being tough Michonne, and like her Alexandria is going to change. I wish it could change in to more of a democracy, but instead it is probably necessary for it to change in to more of a fortified autocracy.

We also glimpsed the “Wolves” checking out the photos in Aaron’s backpack of Alexandria, which will probably make them the enemies in the beginning of season 6. I think it is very likely they will try to attack and take Alexandria, though the only way they’d be successful is if they have a much larger band of brothers to work with.

I also mentioned earlier that the situation that will leave me the most stressed until next season is how things will end up between Nicholas and Glenn. If there were a character that needs to be killed on this show, I would give top marks to Nicholas. Even over Gabriel and Pete. I want that boy dead so that he can’t hurt anyone else. And like I said before, if Glenn dies, I riot.

Until next year geeks!

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