The Fairy Wizard’s April Fool’s Day Top 5 Anime Countdown


Now I know I usually do game-related stuff and thus, this is rather irregular. I also know that this is pretty much wandering into foreign and terrifying territory for me, so I’m not sure how helpful my feedback might be. If it’s any consolation, I really do feel as if I’ve just walked inside a strange and alien house, filled –for some reason- with countless, small, pink paper elephants. Some of them are stained actually; a few with blood, others with radioactive jam, but none with vegemite. Why aren’t there any stained with vegemite? Don’t they like it? Why are all the mirrors in here covered with wet towels, dripping an unknown iridescent liquid to the crumbling floor? Why is said liquid simply falling through it as if the tiles don’t really exist, cascading into a deep, dark void below? Why is there an axe stuck in a head? Why is there a head stuck in a door? Why is a door stuck –quite haphazardly- on a screaming velociraptor? Mmmmm… the elephants sure taste good though. But enough about my fond childhood memories, onto the list.

Number one is Puella Magi Madoka Magica, my favourite –if somewhat hard to pronounce- anime of all time. It’s a cutsey, high-school romance drama akin to Marmalade boy and Cardcaptor Sakura. While slightly cheesy at times, its super-happy fun times theme is somewhat refreshing, in an industry where everyone is competing to see who can write the most depressing episodes first. Nothing bad ever happens in it, no siree, though it does get slightly boring after a while. At times, characters will be locked in perpetual “happiness” cycles, where nothing will ever go wrong in their lives at all, but the writing was so solid I didn’t mind much. That Mami though, she always heads off at the worst possible times.


Number 2 are trees. All of them.


Number thwee is a shoe.

Just look at that masterful stitching, that perfect stacked heel. Observe the breathtaking laces and gasp with disbelief at those incredible eyelets. Admire, if you will, the stunning tip, the magnificent outsole and that tantalizing welting. Truly this jet-black derby is a legendary work of art. Let us all bow beneath its obsidian heel and praise its splendor.

Number aresset is a series of blank spaces for you to reflect on your meaningless life and the overall pointless existence of the universe:
[] [ ] [ ] { } \ / – – _ _< > ( ) ({@_@}) ~ ~ “ ” . . , , l l

And number-phile is an ellipse

So that concludes my list of top 5 anime. I hope you enjoyed reading this nonsense as much as I do things that make me cry. However, please make sure to take breaks at regular intervals when watching anime, as overexposure to such episodes can lead to severe cases of emotional stimulus. “In case of feels, curl up and wail” experts cite, further recommending “Don’t go to Tumblr shortly before or after a season finale”.

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