Vikings: Season 3 – Episodes 5+6


Sometimes, you really just don’t want to go home. I’m sure Ragnar feels that way right now. Welcome back my Norsemen and Norsewomen, we have quite the doozy for you all this week. I know I griped a little bit in the last column concerning this season, but I must say the last two episodes were way better than I anticipated. I am a huge fan of the raiding aspect of the show, but I am not opposed to character development, and we got quite a bit of it. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

First off, we must officially say goodbye to Siggy. It was sort of murky at the end of the last episode as she just sort of floated to the bottom of the lake, but they never actually said she was dead. Although, she could just be missing as they have yet to find a body. I never really liked her as a character, but she has been with us since the beginning. That’s two people we’ve lost recently, and it’s looking like we’re going to be losing more. Let’s just hope we don’t get a Thrones or Walking Dead scenario here….I’ve already got enough stress and anxiety. As you can imagine, Rollo doesn’t take this too well, and much like anyone, goes into a drunken depression, eventually even getting the shit kicked out of him by Bjorn. Poor Rollo. Nothing ever seems to go well for him.

roloo vs bjorn

Ragnar also finds out about how Siggy died, and had quite a few questions for Aslaug. Too bad she’s a terrible liar, and Ragnar eventually does find out what she was doing when the kids ran off. I gotta be honest, I never really liked Aslaug that much, but I can’t say that I hated her. I don’t necessarily hate her now, but there’s something about her that really irks me. She’s just entirely too entitled sometimes. Regardless, Ragnar finds out, but Floki thinks that it was Odin in disguise as a wanderer. This is going to be an issue soon, I assure you. Ragnar is going to have to choose between the Norse Gods or the Christian one, and I have a feeling this moment is going to have a huge impact on his decision.

On the other side of the pond, we had a sort of scuffle between some Brits and the Northmen who were left to farm the land Ecbert gave to Ragnar. Unfortunately, this also leads to an even bigger scuffle and everyone gets murdered hard. Ecbert berates his men for doing such a thing and has a few of the nobles arrested, but we soon find out that was his plan all along as he does not trust Ragnar to have a foothold in his territory….which is sort of understandable. I seriously hope this comes back to bite him in the ass. On the plus side though, it looks like Ragnar has set his eyes on a new prize…Paris. Oh how I would love to see that city get sacked so hard.

ragnar and borgs kid

The preparations for Paris are ramped up quite a bit in episode 6. Ragnar declares his intentions to a sort of mixed reaction, but I’m sure everyone will agree to go eventually. Bjorn finally welcomes his baby, and in a moment of calm, we are treated to something nice before the shit storm that happens after that. For sleeping with Athelstan and becoming pregnant with his child, Ecbert and his son tie the poor woman up in the town square, and cut her fucking ear off. It was incredibly brutal, and luckily was cut off (no pun intended) before anything more could be done to her. Ecbert believes that the child is a gift from God….and I believe he may be officially crazy now, but to each their own.

We also have a bit of awkwardness involving those who took over Lagertha’s kingdom and the son and wife of Jarl Borg joining Ragnar on his raid of Paris. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is going to become an issue. There is no way that Borg’s son is not going to want to murder Ragnar at some point. Let’s hope he winds up being a bit smarter or a bit more ruthless than his dad was. I sort of miss Jarl Borg though. He was a solid character. If, however, he decides to actually raid and not set his sights solely on Ragnar, this could be a rather beneficial trip for both parties. I am however, a bit disappointed in Lagertha for going along with this. She should have just slit that prick’s throat and been done with the whole issue. Quick and to the point.

ragnar shaved head

Athelstan may have had one of the most eye opening moments in this season with the reconnection to his former Christian faith, much to the disappointment of Floki and most of the other Vikings, barring Ragnar. Unfortunately, Floki interprets a vision he has as a need to sacrifice Athelstan to the gods, and in a rather shocking moment, Floki brains the monk and kills him. I know most of you are probably pissed to see that, just as I was, but this action sets up a HUGE scene later. During the burial of Athelstan, Ragnar pics up his crucifix, and puts it on himself. This is major, you guys. I hope you all understand the ramifications of Ragnar putting that on. His people, his friends, and everyone else is going to see him differently now. How is this going to play into his quest for France? I cannot imagine everyone taking this very well at all, specifically Floki. I can only imagine what sort of havoc this is going to lead to in the rest of the season. I can only hold my breath and wait patiently.

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