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Are you an obsessive-compulsive nerd that won’t put the controller/mouse/spiderman joystick down until they get 100% completion in a game? Do you spend the first 3 hours of your day disinfecting every single surface in Viscera Cleanup Detail? Have you actually played Crazy Plant Shop through to the end? Well if that’s the case, then join the club. My club. The one I’ve made and am the only member of. Alone.

In keeping with last week’s “dust” theme, Dustforce is an indie, 2d platformer developed by Hitbox Games. In it you play as a cleaner, roaming around the world whilst sweeping, brushing, whacking, brooming, uppercutting and occasionally Master Yi-ing any amount of dirt that had the poor presence of mind to accumulate in your near vicinity.


Story-wise it isn’t what I would call masterfully designed. The plot is pretty much summed up with the opening cutscene, where we see 4 janitors being unreasonably awesome and 4 baddies being incredibly attractive (I mean that leaf guy was just… daaaamn). The gameplay consists mostly of Super Meatboy-style platforming, along with a few fighting bits here and there. The characters you can control are the aforementioned janitors, each with their own unique playstyle:
~A blue broom guy, who I find dull and uninteresting.
~A cool red lady with a better broom, who I find really fun to play as.
~A nimble purple lady with… two fluffy things? Are they Pompoms? Frankly, I have no idea.
~And an old vacuum cleaner dude whose attacks look really, really cool.


Each level is littered (no pun intended) with dust, dirt, leaves and radioactive waste, which you have to clean by utilizing your mad and inexplicable parkour skills. That is, if you can convince your character to stop falling off into the abyss every 5 seconds. Actually the controls are really tight and responsive, though they can take some getting used to (I’m looking at you horizontal sliding). What’s more, the combat is really satisfying, filled with the standard –but effective- light-and-heavy-attack slap fights. In fact I kept replaying the same levels, simply because I wanted to have some more fun with the enemy mobs. And by fun, I do of course mean carnage.

Aside from that, the game has some really nice graphics. Like, really, really nice. One could go as far as to say that they’re great graphics. I won’t. There’s also a few more gamemodes but -due to my inability to make friends with living human beings, humanoid aliens, cats and a particularly vicious goldfish- I couldn’t check them out. They probably weren’t that good anyway; I mean, how fun could playing with Others have been?

To sum up, Dustforce is a fun and fast-paced game which I would definitely recommend to anyone, so long as they could be trusted to remember eating and sleeping between sessions. The platforming is great, the combat feels great and the story is ambiguous enough for me to write AU fanfic with leaf-villain and Levi. Speaking of which, here’s a short extract:

Barg leaned back against the bed, as Levi pressed ever closer.
“I thought you didn’t like getting dirty” said Barg, eyes flickering with anticipation
Levi smiled and unbuckled his belt
“Oh, little did you know-
Ok bye.

(please join my club, it’s the only way to get rid of the voices…).

-The Fairy Wizard

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  1. Well I gave it a try. I didn’t like it. lol I clearly should like it. Its got all the mechanics I like, I just see it as a chore now.

  2. Never could get to grips with this games controls, it flows well if you stay on track but go outside what it wants and it just goes awry, kinda like Sonic Unleashed. Go fast? Fine. Anything else? Eat a back of robotniks.

  3. Dustforce has always looked like an awesome game. Seeing the screenshots makes me want to play it more. I own it. Never played it though, after reading your review, I think it might be next.

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