Zombie Round Up: “Spend” and “Try”



Hey gang! The back half of season 5 has been quite an exercise in emotional whiplash. The second the group seems to get over the loss of one of their own or improves their situation in any way, that’s when a new tragedy strikes, setting them back even farther than they were before.  In “Spend” we see a two fold tragedy unfold for Rick Grimes and Co, with the loss of one of their own, then in “Try” the initial tragedy is coupled with the loss of security the group has come to find in Alexandria. Spider-Man is always cursing his inherited “Parker Luck”, maybe instead he should be thankful that he wasn’t born with the God awful “Grimes Luck” Instead.


Spend was a rough episode to sit through. Not because it was bad, that’s not the case at all, I thought it was a great episode. It’s tough to watch though because of how gut-wrenching Noah’s death was, particularly for Glen, who was forced into a glass encased front row seat for the entire gruesome affair. Noah wasn’t with the group long, but he seemed to have made a lasting impression on the group. He was the one bright spot to come out of Beth’s death, which itself was a massive blow for the group. They may have lost Beth, but at least they got Noah out of it. He brought an optimism to the group that seemed to be greatly lacking before his arrival. Noah is the one that led them to his hometown, which of course contributed to Tyreese’s death, but it also eventually led the group to Alexandria. I know Noah’s death will hit the survivors hard, but I think that is the least of their problems at the moment. The real problem for the group is going to be Aidan’s death.


Rick and his crew had found a somewhat uneasy solace in Alexandria. Something didn’t feel quite right, but even so their situations were greatly improved once they were inside the walls of that town than they were when they were outside of those walls. When they were on the road, they were surviving, but the secure compound of Alexandria offered them the chance to not just survive, but to actually live. It offered them civilization and society; resources that were dwindling fast with life on the road. It offered them the chance to become human again and not just be a cut-throat, kill or be killed animal. Outside the walls survival meant doing ANYTHING at all necessary to not be killed, which means to an outsider (i.e. Gabriel), it could seem like our gang of heroes may look like a roving band of ruthless murderers. Gabriel has been riding out the apocalypse walled up in his cozy church, he hasn’t had to fight for basic survival like Rick’s group has. When Gabriel goes to Deanna to cast doubts on the character of Rick and his crew, he seems to be either ungrateful to Rick and the others for saving his cowardly ass on multiple occasions or he’s completely unaware of the fact that he would be dead right now if it wasn’t for this group that he’s now trying to get expelled from Alexandria. Even with Father Gabriel ironically casting the first stones in this drama, I don’t think Deanna was ready to believe him just yet. I think the event that sealed the now forthcoming rift between the people of Alexandria and their newest residents was Aidan’s death. Once she’s heard that her son has been killed, I think Deanna automatically sides with Nicholas’ telling of the events because it’s the easiest to come to grips with. Aidan was always fine outside the walls. Now these new people show up and he’s dead a short time later, therefore it must be their fault. Even though they aren’t to blame, Deanna is going to take this out on Rick and his people. The first casualty of the war: Carol’s casserole.


The entire episode “Try” seems to be the aftermath of Aidan’s death. Just a side note: Aidan’s death was just as horrifying as, if not more so, than Noah’s death. Serious kudos to Greg Nicotero and the rest of the makeup and FX team for the grisly scenes in this episode. Along with Aidan, so died all of Alexandria’s trust in their new neighbors. I would even go so far as to say that the knock down, drag out brawl between Rick and Pete is a result of Deanna being too distracted by the death of Aidan to be able to adequately handle to decision on what should be done with Pete once Rick approaches her about the domestic violence situation. Granted, the situation is even more complicated because of Rick having googly eyes for Jesse, but if Deanna were able to see the situation clearly maybe she would’ve backed Rick’s plan to separate Pete from Jesse and Sam.

Even though he’s acting like a stark raving lunatic when he’s making the point, I actually agree with Rick when he says that Deanna and the people of Alexandria have no idea what it takes to survive in this new world. Like Gabriel, they’ve been spared the true horrors of the new world , those aside from the zombies, and this has left them with the false idea that people will still be able to simply return to the world that was someday.  In a world where in order to survive, you need to make decisions that will either directly or indirectly lead to someone’s death, humanity is a luxury that must be cast aside from time to time. Killing is going to be an unavoidable aspect of life for quite some time to come, whether you like it or not. Taking the humane approach will either get you or someone else killed. In Pete’s case, if they don’t kill him they can either exile him, in which case they run the risk of him coming back for revenge, or they can give him a warning then wait and see if the situation improves. In the second scenario the odds are that he’s not going to improve and he ends up killing his wife and or child, at which point you’ll have to kill him anyway. Even if you try to be the most humane and just person in this post zombie world; if you’re just offering a safe haven to all, stockpiled with supplies, someone will inevitably come to take it from you and you still find yourself in a kill or be killed scenario.  MAN, the apocalypse is a HORRIBLE place!


In the middle of Rick’s crazed, mid beatdown, rant about how the weaklings of Alexandria are no match for an alpha of Rick’s level, Michonne sneaks up and knocks him the F$#@ out, which of course leaves Rick in quite a precarious position for next week’s finale. Not only is Rick going to be a prisoner in the town he was briefly sheriff of, how will this affect his relationship with Michonne, his deputy. I foresee some MIGHTY uncomfortable stakeouts in those cops futures!

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