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I apologize in advance for having to do these two by two and in such late fashion, but since the world is a cruel place and seldom leaves me opportunities to see things on time, it is something we will have to live with. That out of the way, let’s get to what we all really want…the goddamn bloodshed.

ragnar and rollo season 3

This season of Vikings has been kind of throwing me for a loop of sorts. I can’t tell if it’s the fact that some of the characters seem to have become slightly whiney, or due to the fact that the show itself has lost a bit of its magic. In terms of the magical variety, the first two seasons seemed to have this glaze of wonder covering each episode. Ragnar was looking for new places to raid, Bjorn was just a kid, Athelstan was having doubts about his faith…now it feels like the show has almost devolved into everyone fucking each other and then getting murdered/murdering. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of that, but it just felt more tastefully done in the first two seasons.

bjorn and broad

Over the course of the first four episodes of season 3, it occurred to me that although the characters have stayed battle ready and hard, they have all, save for Ragnar and sometimes Rollo, acquired this layer of whiny bitch under their hardened exteriors. It’s rather sad to see, but I can understand why they are doing it. It builds character development and makes things interesting for most people, but not I. They had perfect character development over the course of the first two seasons, and they did not need to whine them up. It irks me, but like I said, I can understand.

There have been quite a few developments over the past two episodes, and quite a bit of violence. Ragnar and his crew have pretty much murdered half of England at this point, and I cannot be upset about that. Ecbert has learned how to play his cards exceptionally well, especially concerning Lagertha. This is very convenient for Lagertha, although she doesn’t know it yet, considering what has been going on back at her village. I have a feeling that is going to play heavily into future episodes once she gets back. Ecbert is obviously going to use that to his advantage, as well as use his new puppet regime to rule everything from the shadows. I have to be honest, I hated Ecbert at first, but he has grown on me. He’s like a Jarl Borg. You hate him at first, but eventually he does some seriously real shit and it makes him that much more enjoyable.

british soldiers

Speaking of puppet regimes, that entire family is out of their goddamn minds. If they weren’t all raping each other and trying to bang everyone around them, they most likely wouldn’t have that many issues. However, due to them being around, we were treated to one of the most metal scenes in the entire show, which was a primal stabbing of a certain uncle’s severed head. It was most glorious, and I have to admit I re-watched that quite a few times. I will have to give the crew credit in terms of absolutely properly done moments. Between massive headbutts when they are most needed, to the nicely done and elegant deaths of certain characters. I must say, I was a little upset at the death of one of our Vikings, but it was sort of necessary for the bigger picture. Needless to say, he went out in the most Norse of fashions.

floki season 3

Many alliances and agreements have been made over the course of the series, but the ones being forged now are going to play an insanely bigger role in the episodes to come. Serious things have been happening, and a lot of land and lives are at stake. Kattegat is just one small piece of this puzzle, and if things go the way everyone wants them to, a lot of people are going to wind up happy or dead. There is almost no way that things can go in a positive route for everyone, and I think a long trail of blood is going to be left on the path to the end. Fortunate for the viewer, terrible for our Vikings. The only two people who seem to have any sort of notion of the coming doom are Floki and Siggy. Floki is always aware of certain, we’ll say otherworldly things, but Siggy has been opening up to them a bit more recently. Not to say she was ever against them, but they are more prominent in her story arc this season.

It has been a pretty solid season so far, and besides the whininess in certain aspects, I can’t really complain. We’ve been getting a more global approach to the show, and have been treated to some really amazing scenes. The ending of episode 4 was brilliant, and seriously made me chuckle at the brutal honesty between Ragnar and Ecbert. Do yourselves a favor and re-watch that scene. Pure brilliance.

ragnar and ecbert

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