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I don’t know about you folks, but I am getting a little nervous as the season finale approaches for this epic Season 5 of The Walking Dead. Last week we left off with the group joining the Alexandria safe zone, being offered jobs and integration by a sly retired politician named Deanna. We also lost an stupendous beard, but I saw some stubble growing back this week so I was a little happier. This week we continue on in this poorly populated town as the group continues to try to adjust to a semi-normal life. As always, spoilers to follow.


I hate saying it, but Michonne looks freaking ridiculous in that outfit

There’s quite a lot of scheming going on in this episode, and it makes me wonder how much was scheming that we weren’t aware of too. Our trio of Daryl, Rick, and Carol start using the abandoned house where someone stole his gun as their secret meeting place. Not too smart if you ask me, considering someone already knows about it as they stole a gun from the site. But the group starts plotting to get some weapons back within the walls, still not trusting this weirdly protected group of survivors. Probably the smartest thing they could do.


I think the nicest part of this episode was Daryl finally feeling more integrated with the group. He seemed so distant in the last episode, and was clearly getting judged. So it was interesting to see the clean-cut Aaron reach out and bond with our quiet red-neck. Not the person I would have expected it to be, which makes me wonder if there is some scheming on Aaron’s part going on. But Aaron is also turning out to be not quite what you expected.

He seems too clean cut and weak to cut it, yet he and his boyfriend have been the main recruits getting out there and scouting for potential Alexandria citizens. I also expected him to be frontline and center at Deanna’s little gathering, but he wouldn’t have it. Instead, he had a simple little dinner at home with his hubby, inviting Daryl along to let him know his plan: to make Daryl the next recruiter for Alexandria. He sweetens the deal quite a lot with a motorcycle. He still just not look the part for someone I should trust, but I am starting to open my heart to Aaron a little bit. Of course, watching him and Daryl bond over trying to save a beautiful horse didn’t hurt either.

really don't trust her either, and I hate her tattoo

really don’t trust her either, and I hate her tattoo

Speaking of Deanna’s gathering, the woman decided to put on a welcoming party to try to integrate Rick’s group with the rest of the citizens of Alexandria, and it was just too damn creepy for me. You all know I don’t trust Deanna as it is, but watching her get all politician with her pomp and circumstance of a freaking party made me hate her even more. And to act like she had the right to judge the others like Sasha at the party, clearing telling her that her performance would determine whether or not she got the job she wanted, was such a play on power. Made me hate her even more. Of course Sasha failed, having an outburst in the middle of the party that just reflected the reality of what it is like outside the walls. It’s not fair if you ask me, and both of Deanna’s kids could use another good punch in the mouth to take them down a notch or two.


Back to scheming, during the party Carol sneaks out to steal some weapons for the group from the armory, but gets caught by the little boy that followed her. What Carol does to threaten him in to silence is kind of cruel, but more of the Carol I know and am used to as opposed to this fake cardigan wearing hockey mom. I still have mixed feelings about Carol overall, but much prefer her ruthless side than to her fake, sentimental side.

that's my crazy Carol

that’s my crazy Carol

And what of Jessie’s behavior with Rick? I feel like there has to be some scheming going on from her side. She is beyond flirtatious with him, and in front of her husband! I would have lost my shit with her if I were her husband, which makes me think this might be part of a plan. And then to have her son stamp Rick and the others’ he approves of with an “A” is just too drink the koolaid weird for me. I’m not sure who I trust less, Jessie and her family or Deanna and hers. Makes me think there is some scheming going on between both of them to keep Rick’s group right where they want them. As much as I thought it seemed like a cruel idea last week, I am becoming more and more of a fan of the idea of a coup where Rick’s team takes complete control of this town.

yup, you bunch of freaks

yup, you bunch of freaks

Until next week walkers, looking forward to see what goes down in Alexandria. And another thing to ponder until then? Who labeled a walker with a “W” on its forehead?

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