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Welcome back zed-heads, I’m ready to get down and dirty giving you my review of the latest from our favorite zombie filled TV show. And wow. This week’s The Walking Dead really was one to remember, no pun intended. Here’s my spoiler filled review for you, and get ready for my take on one of the most painful losses the show has suffered this season.


Last week we ended on quite a cliff hanger: the gates to a new Alexandria Safe-Zone were about to open, as Michonne smiled at Rick over the sound of children playing in the distance. The gates open and they are met by another man who demands they turn in their weapons. Sounds familiar, right? Well not surprisingly the gang refuses but they do allow the others to escort them to Deanna, the leader of this group.

yup, don't trust her.

yup, don’t trust her.

Deanna was a former Ohio congresswoman, and within about 3 minutes of meeting her I was not a fan. She obviously never gave up being a politician, and she interviews the group one by one on camera, knowing exactly what to say to try to make them feel comfortable. I think I agreed with Daryl on this one: I don’t trust the bitch. But I was surprised to see that the person who really did eat up this dog and pony show was Michonne. My favorite bad-ass of the entire group is sadly becoming more and more weak as she tries desperately to join some all too happy community. I feel like it’s her current way of dealing with all the horror and pain: find a way to make a life without it. But I don’t think that will be possible, and I am hoping Michonne will eventually learn that lesson without being killed.

put. the. razor. down.

put. the. razor. down.

Deanna offers the entire group, or family, a place in their community, including a couple uninhabited McMansions. But our group sticks together. While cleaning up we suffered a horrible loss, one that I find far worse than losing Beth, and on par with the loss of Tyreese: Rick’s beard. NOOOOO!!!!! I mean, The Oatmeal got it right in this comic. I was really starting to love admiring how big and bushy that face of his was getting. This was a hard blow for me to handle. If there was ever a reason for me to hope that Alexandria wouldn’t work out, this is it. If Rick has constant access to hot water, shaving cream, and tools I’m going to be majorly disappointed.


I guess I will continue my review as I dry my tears over the loss of one of the most epic beards in the geek world. Back to the episode at hand, this episode tried to change things up by showing the interviews of our individual group members from the camera’s perspective, and overall I was not a fan. It felt too much like The Real World or some other awful reality TV show. But I guess the goal was to try to show our survivors from the viewpoint of an outsider. And wow did that give me a whole new perspective of Daryl. I mean, we all knew he was a dirty redneck and that’s why he has a cult following, but watching him hold on to his recently killed opossum while barely being able to mutter an intelligible sentence was kind of sad. We were given the idea that Deanna trusts the group except for Daryl, and his performance probably did not help him. Carol was the opposite, trying to take on the persona of a “den-mother”. Daryl took the words right out of my mouth when he told her “You look ridiculous”.


I think another thing that I did not like about this episode was that despite all being together, it really focused on just a couple characters. As much as I did not like the back and forth between episodes of the various groups at the start of this season, now that Abraham, Glaggie, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Sasha etc. have all been reunited I wish we got to see more from everyone, but I guess you only have so much time in one episode.

The group eventually agrees to give up their guns while they acclimate to the community, and they start to meet some other survivors. Carl hit the nail right on the head when he commented that “this place will make us weak”, but why can’t Michonne see that. In the final scenes Glenn, Tara, and Noah get taken out on a supply run with Deanna’s cocky, show-off, asshole of a son Aidan. His reckless behavior nearly gets several people bitten, and while he tries to tell the three that they aren’t up to snuff Glenn holds his cool and tells him off. Aidan can’t handle that and challenges Glenn by repeatedly shoving and heckling him. You all know I admire Glenn as it is, but my sense of pride for this Asian boy grew even more as he kept himself under control and didn’t knock Aidan on his ass until the jerk took a swing at him. Glenn has become such a tough guy and an asset since his pizza delivery boy days.

I love what Glenn has become in this show.

I love what Glenn has become in this show.

But this brawl gives Deanna her chance to announce what she intends for the group: they will all be integrated and Rick and Michonne will take on the role of the community’s new police force. Michonne readily agrees, again, in my opinion making her a bit weak, but at least when Rick agrees we hear from his conversation with Daryl later that he’s just playing along. I hope that he doesn’t turn in to quite this ungrateful, but he explains if this group of weak survivors is making things difficult for them, their group will be forced to commit a coup and take control in good-old Governor fashion.


Until next week walkers, I’ll probably still be sulking about the loss of one stellar beard. And talking about things Rick lost, who stole his hidden gun? Things to ponder until next week. #growitbackrick

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