Zombie Round Up: The Distance


What’s up, Zombie Heads!?!? Were just a few episodes in to the new half season of The Walking Dead and each episode keeps bringing us more tragedy, but also more hope at the same time. It seems like hope is the only thing keeping the Grimes party continuing on towards their goal of reaching Washington D.C. Think about that for a second; they’re walking to Washington… from Georgia. I’m tired just from typing that sentence. A trip like that, conducted in the blazing heat of the Deep South is bound to drain even the toughest persons’ spirit and stamina. Sure enough after marching for so long, our gang’s running low not only on food and water, but also on the hope for something better that’s been driving them. When a stranger shows up offering just the thing they’re searching for, you’d think the group would at least be somewhat welcoming, right? Yeah, no.  They’re not.


The group of survivors are instantly suspicious of Aaron’s offer of safe haven. In their defense, after dealing with people like the Governor and cannibalistic citizens of Terminus, our protagonists know that the new world is brimming with scores of not so nice people. In the post -zombie world, relying on the kindness of strangers often ends with you being the bbq sauce glazed guest of honor at their next cookout. It’s understandable that they’d be a little weary of Aaron’s tales of a benevolent society waiting not too far away, but man is Rick a huge, honking douchebag to him.  Maybe my perception of the situation is a little skewed because I’ve read the comics, but to me it seemed that there came a point when Aaron was obviously not lying to them. Of course I”m the guy who probably would’ve been zombie poop a long time ago, so take that hunch for what it’s worth. Conversely, Aaron maybe could’ve been a little more forthcoming with information on the town or who was with him, but he obviously has the same trust concerns about Rick and his people as Rick does about him. Both men are reticent to rust each other because they both know that if the other one is lying, then it could mean death for everyone in their group. In the immortal words of the Joker: “Hubba, hubba, hubba! Money, money, money! Who do you trust?!?!


I’m usually not one to cross-pollinate nerd fandoms, but much like in Doctor Who, when the Doctor is traveling alone for too long he becomes something of a bristly asshole. Rick and the others have been on the road for too long. They’re so focused on reaching Washington, where a safe haven may or more likely man not exist, that they haven’t noticed that they’ve become cutoff from human contact outside of their group for so long, that they instantly perceiving everyone who’s not one of them to be a threat. Even though they are a group of people, they’ve still become the unfriendly, isolated Doctor. I think Michonne realizes this and that’s what leads her to take the reigns of the group and declare that they are going to take Aaron up on his offer. I wouldn’t say that Michonne goes over Rick’s head in making the decision for the group, she’s earned her place alongside the others at the head of the pack like Rick, Darryl, and I would say even Carol. Rick has proved in the past that maybe he’s not capable of bearing the weight of leading the group, so it’s good to see Michonne step up and make what looks to be the right call for everyone. They’ve been out too long, looking for something that most likely doesn’t exist. Settling down, if even temporarily, is what’s best for everyone. The alternative would be to keep traveling, keep losing people along the way, and keep getting increasingly isolated from humanity until they become as horrible as the people that they fear they will come across. I can’t wait until the group reaches Alexandria. Knowing all the craziness that lies ahead in the comic version of the story, I’m excited for some possibly great episodes of the show. See you next week, Evil Geeks!

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