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Greetings, Evil Geeks! The Walking Dead came back that week, signaling what’s basically the halfway point of Winter. We’re almost out of the woods with snow and ice season, but of course the return of our favorite zombie soap opera also means that emotional trauma season is just getting underway. Between Beth’s tragic death in the mid-season finale and Tyreese’s also tragic death last week, the group, as well as the viewers are mentally worn down with anguish. Two characters who arguably could be called the heart of the group of survivors have been brutally ripped away. Can Rick and the others recover from this devastating blow?


While Beth’s death probably could have been avoided, there was no chance to ever “rescue” her from that grim final outcome once the wheels had been set in motion, Blam! She was dead instantly. Tyreese’s death was also avoidable (there’s a reason the buddy system was invented), I think it’s especially heartbreaking for the group, that there are a lot of terrible “What If” questions the group is probably asking themselves. What if we got to him sooner?  What if we cut off his entire arm? What if we had better first aid supplies? What if we didn’t clumsily drop him while escaping Noah’s now abandoned neighborhood? If any of these things could’ve been done differently, maybe he would’ve lived.


Those questions coupled with the complete senselessness of Beth’s demise, have ground the group down to nothing; both emotionally and physically. The long hard trek to Washington isn’t exactly helping the situation either. The road hasn’t exactly been providing for the group as they make their way towards what they hope will be a safe haven. The episode follows the group on a particularly treacherous portion of their trip. The beating they’ve been taking is a constant reminder that death is figuratively lurking just over their shoulder in addition to literally having death lurking over their shoulder, as they are being followed by an ever growing number of walkers. The group is so exhausted from travel, that they aren’t even sure if they have enough energy to dispatch the small horde of undead. Eventually the group finds what they think is safe refuge in a barn as an oncoming storm looks to threaten their traveling plans. The barn however turns out to not be quite as safe as it appeared and our protagonists find themselves cornered, with a swarm of walkers pounding on the door. Just when everything seems at it’s darkest point, divine intervention saves the group from certain death; leaving everyone a little more hopeful than they were at the beginning of the episode, that everything will be ok for them.

If there’s a villain in this episode (aside from the flesh consuming zombies of course), it’s the overwhelming grief that the group is feeling at the loss of their loved ones recently. That sense of bereavement is a constant specter hanging over them and it’s affecting everyone differently. After her brother Tyreese’s death, Sasha has become angry and has developed something of a death wish, When the group decides to do something about the walkers that had been following them from the road, she almost immediately breaks from the plan and ends up putting not only herself, but the rest of the group in danger in the process. Maggie, reeling from the loss of her sister, has near given up on life. She lashes out at Father Gabriel and is openly questioning how much longer they all have to live. Darryl is also feeling the effects of the loss of Beth too, Darryl is regarded as one of the strongest members of the group. The man who can be counted on to kick some ass when the situation calls for it or be the emotional rock for other people to lean on. His grief has compelled him to go off and seek some alone time, allowing him to drop the tough guy facade and have a really human moment where he breaks down in tears; finally allowing himself to feel on the outside how he’s probably felt on the inside since witnessing Beth’s murder. The grief they’re all feeling is something that must be overcome, otherwise it will do them all in. Eventually they all come to the realization that if the people they are mourning were there to witness their grief, then the last thing those departed loved ones would want would be for them to give up. The fact that they lost those that they loved is the very reason why they must continue on.


Seriously… these last 3 episodes of The Walking Dead have been super heavy. We’re going to need a break from all this gloom; luckily the end of the ep brings us a ray of hope. A “friend” who’d been following the group on the road finally makes himself known and his name is Aaron. If you’re familiar with the book then you know that Aaron’s arrival means that the relatively safe place the group has been looking to settle down in isn’t that far away. We’ll have to tune in next week to see exactly how close it is!

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