Zombie Round Up: What Happened and What’s Going On

Thank you AMC for the perfect early Valentine’s Day gift. I have been going nuts without my weekly fill of walkers, and after what felt like forever TWD is finally back with the second half of season 5. I hope you are all recovering from Beth’s death, which happened at the very end of the mid-season finale, cause this week’s episode packed a punch just as heart-wrenching. Here is Lilith’s spoiler-filled review of this week’s heavily anticipated episode.


Although reunited, our team is broken, heartbroken that is, over the death of Maggie’s last relative and sister Beth. With no home base and an urge to remember Beth, the group decides to do what Beth would have done if she were still alive: to take Noah back to his home in Virginia, a place where there were walls and a supposed shelter from the dead. Sadly our band of survivors really needs a home, and so this actually seems like a good idea. Until Glenn, Rick, Noah, Michonne, and Tyreese arrive at the encampment, what was once a suburban wonderland for sure, and find it overrun with no survivors.


Poor young Noah breaks down, so Tyreese decides to stay with him for comfort while the others check out the rest of the settlement for goods. During their search I really felt even more in sync with Michonne. She kept pleading with the others to find a way to re-fortify the town so that they could have a home base. Sure, Rick’s response that the place is too wooded, and could easily be overwhelmed by a hoard unexpectedly made sense, but I feel so bad for the group, and if I were in their shows I would definitely be jonesing for a resting place. After finding a huge part of the wall torn down by a car Michonne relents and agrees with Rick the town is indefensible. What was interesting to me was that they come across a large group of walkers’ bodies, only it appears that it is just the limbs remaining…

Meanwhile back in town Noah runs off to his old family home to find his dead mother. Tyreese is exploring the house when he is surprised by Noah’s zombie brother and bitten pretty badly on the arm. As much as Noah will probably feel guilty for what follows for the rest of his life, he does get pretty bad ass on his brother, downing him by stabbing a toy plan in to his skull. Good reflexes kid, but a little too slow for Tyreese.


Tyreese has been bitten bad, and what follows is just frustrating. Rather than try to tie some tourniquet or other cloth around his arm to slow the bleeding, or shutting the door behind him, Noah runs off to find the others for help. And Tyreese is left hemorrhaging in the bedroom pretty bad. He starts to hallucinate, and we are given a delightful reappearance of many characters long dead, from Bob to the Governor, Lizzie the murderous child, Beth, and even Martin, the man that Tyreese regrets not having the guts to have killed. In the midst of this the vision of the Governor transforms into another walker, who the weak Tyreese barely manages to fight off, allowing himself to be bit in the arm again in order to grab something to kill the walker with.

bite number two

bite number two

At this point I pretty much knew there was no chance my favorite loveable character was going to live. I was getting more and more stressed out wondering where the hell the others were and how they were going to save him. They finally arrive and as I had been hoping they would they chop Tyreese’s arm off, but rather than bandage tightly and again tourniquet the damn thing they just draped a towel over it and started trying to carry the hulk of the man out of the now walker-infested town on their own. Dumb decisions people!

Amazingly they make it to their getaway car, and randomly run in to a truck that pops open full of walker torsos with their heads attached…wait a second…so that’s where all the bodies of those walkers went! Now, how is this important and are we going to learn more about this in the future, or was this just something to make us think huh during the show? Well our crew takes off trying to get back to Maggie, or at least I would assume they are rushing to her since she and Carol are the only two with any medical knowledge left (they need to get another doctor, or better yet veterinarian, stat!). And Tyreese continues to hallucinate, as his dead compatriots tell him it is ok to let go. Of course we all know this is something Tyreese has wanted to do for sometime now, but you still wanted to shout at the screen and tell him to LIVE GOD DAMNIT!


Biggest spoilers of all here: he doesn’t live. And the scenes of a burial earlier in the episode that we all assumed to be Beth’s funeral were actually of Tyreese. That compassionate, burly, heart warming soul is gone, and wow did it hurt. Tyreese was such a good character for so many reasons, but for me I loved him because he was not what you expected: he was giant, hulking, strong, and a big puppy dog in so many ways. I felt like AMC was trying to get back at us for not enough deaths in the first half of the season, and damn it hurt. You will be missed Tyreese.

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