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Hey trekies, Lilith here again, trying to catch up on all the Star Trek genre material out there. I know it’s been a while since I wrote about the show. When I last wrote about all things Trek it was a review of Season 2, and all the amazing buzzfeed style moments I loved from it. Well, truth be told, I did not completely finish season 3 but I am writing about it. Yup, I confess, as hard as it is for me to admit, I could not stomach the entire season. I found that episode after episode I was spending increasing time on my iphone being so bored with the show, and so about 2/3 through the show I threw in my towel. I will still review the episodes and moments I appreciated of what I did watch, and my next Star Trek related battle has me delving in to the movies. All 6 of those glorious pre-lens flare, screaming Kirk movies. So stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy today’s albeit abbreviated post.


The confession has already been made, Star Trek season 3 was too damn boring for me to make it through, but there were some moments that had me smiling or laughing out loud. Here they are.

The first episode features Spock’s brain being removed and he is implanted in to a computer to help a futuristic culture survive. This was against his will of course, and at the end of the episode Bones re-implants his brain in his head. Quite advanced medical capabilities, and as a doctor I would have to say one that we will probably never witness.

McCoy with the Brain Machine

Is anyone getting sick of seeing these characters travel to planets with crazy harsh environments with no personal protective gear?! I mean, were space suits not in the budget?

I guess I don’t really understand the technology behind phasers, but would setting it on low and blasted it in to a rock really result in a lasting heat source?

cause that would work...

cause that would work…

I have to admit, I almost threw in the towel in the first episode. I had pretty much had it with their sexist attitude, and Kirk had the gall to make a comment about how women could not be doctors or leaders in the first episode. Jerk.

And then we featured a Romulan woman as a leader of their space fleet, love it! Made me have more respect for the Romulans, way more advanced than us pathetic humans.

Did anyone else notice Scotty’s pompadour? Had us thinking Jersey shore this whole season.


While it was nice to see a stronger female character playing a telepath in one episode, it was commented that a woman of her mindset would have gone mad if it had not been for the Vulcan discipline she was trained.

In one episode Kirk et al get transported to a bizarre Western set, and the set was not even complete! That totally was a way to reuse some other Hollywood set and not have to up the budget. The best part, the characters tried to explain it away as being the aliens’ lack of knowledge of the human mind as why there were blatant holes in the set.

Kirk continued to manhandle women throughout the show, making my blood boil on multiple occasions.

Kirk’s signature move this season? The slap. Snap out of it man! Everyone needs a good slap every once in a while. And the best part? The Kirk Self-Slap!! I need to slap myself more often!

God I've wanted to do this for so long...

God I’ve wanted to do this for so long…

About a third of the way through the season we see our first space suit! It’s only been 3 seasons people!

Plato’s Stepchildren is a rather famous episode for many reasons. I enjoyed this one. However, there were lots of pop culture references to it by Takei recently bragging about the fact that it featured the first on screen interracial kiss. The kiss was abysmal, as it was forced and belittling for Uhura. Not impressed Star Trek, not impressed.


But my favorite part of that episode was probably Spock tap dancing. Leonard Nimoy, you are incredible.

I think Spock’s new nickname should be “Cock blocking Spock”.

Why in the hell do all these women keep falling for Kirk? He is a womanizing a-hole, I just don’t get it. And he has a gut!

OK, that’s all folks. Stay tuned for my review of the first movie.

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