Evil Geek Book Report – Legacy: The Art Of Transformers Packaging


I got my first real computer in 1995 and it was a big day in my life. No longer would I have to use a shitty second hand one that only operated through DOS, this new one had Microsoft Windows. I was 11 years old and couldn’t wait to explore the wonders of dial up internet. One of the first things I remember doing was saving a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk full of original Transformers G1 box art. Retrospectively, it was a pretty odd thing to do. You might say it was that day that the Biff you’re reading today was born.

I’ve always loved this particular art from a young age, perhaps because it was almost a more “realistic” version of the Transformers cartoon counterparts. In my mind this is the version of what these robots in disguise actually looked like. Legacy: The Art Of Transformers Packaging is a labor of love made by fans Bill Forester and Jim Sorenson who scoured the world for the most comprehensive box art they could scan. It seems that somewhere along the way IDW (who currently publishes Transformers and other Hasbro licensed properties) saw the merit behind this book and decided to publish it. The book itself is huge true hardcover coffee table book. The text is minimal, but that’s ok. It leaves more room for the main attraction, the art.


The book is separated into four parts. The Early Years which focuses on the original show as well as the 1986 movie. More Than Meets The Eye contains the Japanese only Scramble City toys as well as many of the new sublines like the Micromasters and Action Masters. The third part, Made In Japan brings us the glorious toys that never found a home here in the U.S. The book wraps up with Generations exploring Generation 2 toys…repaints of G1 toys (anyone else remember that weird camouflage Megatron tank? Yea…) as well as anything else that couldn’t find a home in the other chapters and some rather interesting oddities. The pictures range from the original box art to the truly astounding Japanese catalogue art


If you’re a lover of Transformers art this book is a no brainer. It’s a lavishly produced and beautiful looking hand guide to your childhood created with the utmost love and care. It’s got a $50 price tag which is pretty hefty but you’re not going to find anything better than this for the topic given.

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