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Hey there Evil Geeks! Today we’re featuring the first post from a new guest writer, The Fairy Wizard:

You might have heard about the new expansion pack for Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, which was revealed at PAX a few days ago. You might have been there yourself, or (as is more likely) watched the event on twitch, listening to the ambient music with giddy anticipation. You might have been overwhelmed by the hype and even felt excited at the thought of new content in the game. Well, if you have, then please stop reading, because I’m about to take all that enthusiasm and burn it to the ground.


Firstly, let’s review the things that we know will be in the expansion. From what has been announced so far, HoT will feature:

~ A new playable class

~ New Legendaries

~ A number of new maps

~ A new mastery system

~ New “Civilizations”

~ New story-related stuff (as in lore and story episodes)

~ New enemies and dynamic events

~ Guild halls

~ A price

Now, as far as the first two are concerned, I myself am quite excited; the idea of a new class that uses mythology as a weapon is one I am really up for, along with the promise of new, awesome equipment. So, there’s not much to say about them, aside from that they look cool. On to maps, we’ve already seen a bunch of PvE and WvW areas, which have been said to feature the toughest enemies and the most dynamic, world-changing events that ArenaNet has to offer. And just by hearing that, I become increasingly skeptical; why exactly is this collection of maps so special? What does A-net mean, when they say that the Maguuma Jungle is “the most detailed and dynamic environment we’ve ever created”? Frankly, those are claims I find difficult to believe; enemies and bosses in those new areas might be hard to beat, some might even require careful co-ordination and strategy, but I don’t see how A-net can boast about enemies we’ve “never seen before”. Enemies with a completely new, innovative fighting style, which would require out-of-the-box thinking to overcome. In fact, I think the entire reveal was exaggerated, to say the least. As for the new “civilizations”, I don’t see how they’ll make much of a difference; I never pay any real attention to NPCs when playing, so I doubt those new ones will attract much notice either(they could add some flavor to the story though).

Moving on, let’s talk about those much-exalted mastery and class-specialization systems, the main selling points of the expansion pack. Let me make this clear; They are not revamping the already-existing trait system. What they are doing,(as far as I could make out) is creating an additional system, solely-focused on the new zones, with skills like gliding and bark-ripping. Having said that, it’s still too early to be sure, so the mastery system could be implemented differently (though I don’t think it will be). Additionally, I am still unsure about class specializations, since the reveal trailer didn’t show players of the same class, with different specializations. What we did see, was a single specialization option for some classes, which I think was a mistake. Put simply, class specialization only really works if your character has more than one option to pick from; if your Necromancer can choose to become either a Supreme Deathlord, or a face-melting Lich-Puppeteer. Otherwise, class specialization is little more than a glorified skill boost, granting you more abilities that may as well be available in the first place. And while I doubt that will end up being the case, I don’t think they should have neglected to talk about that, or, at least, show it in the trailer.


Another interesting feature in HoT are Guild Halls, one of the main topics being debated over the GW2 forums. Like with the new Revenant class, I am very excited about this, but don’t have that many things to say. If pressured, however, I would point at the lack of available information about them; we still don’t know how they will work and whether or not Guild Halls will be accessible to players without the HoT expansion. Those questions are probably going to be answered with future announcements, so we’ll just have to wait that one out.

And lastly, the thing everyone’s being arguing about: The Cost. ArenaNet has confirmed that HoT will have a price, that much is certain, so the question remains “How much?”. Considering the amount of content on display, one shudders to think that it’ll come with a big price tag. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of interesting stuff’s being added, it just won’t justify having to pay a ridiculous amount of money for it. And although an official price hasn’t yet been announced, looking back on Guild Wars expansion packs I don’t think HoT will come that cheap. I hope I’m wrong (and indeed I probably will be) but, until more information is available, all we can do is speculate and twiddle our thumbs in growing impatience.

May the Twelve be with us

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