Evil Book Report – House of Comarré

Over the last couple years I have been intermittently reading this series, and last month I finished the fifth and final book of the collection. The series deals with a group of supernaturals familiar to all of us. It’s got vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, and even ninja-like warriors. Some of my favorite characters in the novels are faeries. It was a fun read that I am happy to bring you my review of.


Let’s see, the first book: Blood Rights. This is definitely an introductory book through and through, but necessary for your enjoyment of those to follow. We are introduced to Chrysabelle, a special woman born in to the line of comarré, the slaves of vampires. Yes, vampires exist, but it is not widely accepted or known. And the majority of vampires live in the vampire city, Corvinestri, Romania. There noble vampires live in peace and feed on their comarré slaves. Their comarré get long life in return, as the saliva that enters their blood stream when they are bitten has special powers that strengthens their blood and immune system, causing them to age the rate of about 1 year to our eyes every 100 years.


Chrysabelle is a very respected comarré, but at her 100-year anniversary to her enslavement to a very powerful vampire lord she is deprived of her chance to chose freedom over another 100 years of enslavement. That same night her lord is murdered, and she is dubbed the prime suspect. She flees to Paradise City, Florida, where her retired comarré friend and aunt Maris.

Through a series of unexpected events, Chrysabelle finds herself aligned with an outcast vampire named Malkolm, his haunting ghost girl Fiona, and his best friend the jaguar shape shifter Doc. It turns out Chrysabelle was framed by an evil vampire woman named Tatiana, who happens to be Mal’s ex-wife, and Tatiana has more than just framing Chrysabelle for the murder she committed on her mind. Luckily, comarré have been being secretly trained to fight back and kill their vampire lords for centuries, so Chrysabelle has no problem stepping in to that role to try to defeat the evil vampires.


This first book was fun but not my favorite of all of them. However, we meet lots of stunning characters that stay with us throughout the series. There is Dominic, the Italian outcast vampire running a lucrative club in Florida who has some desperate love for Maris that is hard to understand. One of my favorite characters is Mortalis, a shadeux fae employed by Dominic. Faeries in this series come in many shapes and sized, and of all the supernatural species in this series they are probably the most feared. Mortalis grows throughout the series as an important friend to our main characters, and an intimidating foe.


There is also an odd vampire in Paradise City known as preacher, a man inadvertently turned in to a vampire when he was transfused with vampire blood. As a result he is the only known vampire that can walk in the sunlight, and his love affair with a human woman results in the birth of a human-vampire hybrid that becomes key to the story line in books 4 and 5.


Without giving away the details of the 5 novels, I can summarize several key themes that are central to the stories:

  1. There is the exposure of supernatural species to the human public, resulting in revelations as many people come out of the closet as various creatures, and the ensuing struggle between supernatural and human to establish boundaries and deal with each other.
  2. There is the repeated attempts by Tatiana to become ever more powerful amongst fellow vampires and all supernaturals a like. And of course then there is the many thwarts caused by Mal and Chrysabelle preventing her from succeeding.
  3. Many of our characters, including Dominic, Doc, and Fi, have side stories occurring simultaneously with the main story line that sometimes ends up getting them even more intricately involved with the main plot line.
  4. And of course there is the romantic and sexual tension felt between Mal and Chrysabelle, a classic star-crossed lover story. Probably my least favorite part of the stories but one that will gain a lot more readers.

My overall opinion? It’s a good series. One that gets better and better with each passing novel. And I will go out of my way to talk about the part of the novels I love the most. Two words: the fae. Faeries have been depicted many different ways in popular culture, and so far this is one of my favorites. There are many different sub-species of fae, all creepy and alluring at the same time. One of my favorite scenes in the entire series occurs in book five, Last Blood, when Chrysabelle and Fiona break in to a faery prison to murder a raptor fae that stole Mal’s emotions. This prison houses some of the most violent and diabolical faeries of all time, and the author Kristen Painter does an excellent job of depicting their decent in to the depths of the jail. All of these various faeries have you wanting to peer through their cells a little closer as you brim with fear and curiosity.


All and all it was a fun ride reading these books. It had just the right combination of horror, macabre, beauty, adventure, and comedy. If you are looking for another series to bring you diving in to the supernatural world, I would recommend checking this series out.

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