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the disease

If there is one thing you all should know about me by now, it’s that my entire existence depends on whether or not I am prepared for a zombie outbreak. We all know it’s going to happen eventually, so we might as well all be prepared. Anyone can train and gather supplies, but it takes a harder person to be able to jam a rod through the brain of one of your family members. That is something we may all have to deal with one day. Zombie comics and everything else under the Z banner have sort of become training manuals nowadays in terms of giving you a sort of preview of what’s to come in the future, but what if you weren’t able to retain everything you have learned in terms of zombies and what to do during an outbreak? The new book by James Mulholland seeks to let us know.

If you guys remember a while back, I wound up doing a review of one of James’s books titled Jorund, which is a Viking tale. He has now gone two for two for me and given me another chance to hop into the world of one of my favorite things, and for that I must thank him. I am a sucker for the opening segments of almost any zombie flick or book. Watching the main character either wake up, or introduce us to the horrible world that they now live in through violence is near bliss for me. This book does not fail to deliver said opening sequence to me, however, there is something different about it.

Our main man Gerry wakes up to find himself alone and starving with his house in shambles, which is something I have a deep understanding of considering human experimentation takes a lot out of a man. He gathers himself, and eventually heads out into the world to see it almost completely deserted. It’s nothing new in terms of zombie lore, but it’s effective and gives us all we need to understand what’s going on. We meet our first survivor, they interact, and now things have been set in motion.

the disease 2

I’m going to take a slight detour from the story real quick and shout a little bit of praise towards Daniel Romero for his artwork. I really enjoy his work, mainly because it looks so dirty. Not in a bad way, mind you, but in a way that seems as if he did it purposely to make things seem bleak, which is understandable considering the setting. There’s a sense of roughness that lends itself so well to Mulholland’s storytelling, and I feel that if someone else was attached to bring it to life, it wouldn’t be so good.  I am also a big fan of black and white, which really adds to the ambience. I know a lot of people are going to draw some comparisons to the Walking Dead, and Gerry sort of looks like Rick, but that is where the similarities stop.

Gerry has something Rick doesn’t have, and that’s a shitty case of his brain being a bit untrustworthy. Think Memento but with zombies…which I cannot be upset about. This puts an entirely new sort of spin on the zombie genre. It makes it more horrifying due to Gerry not being able to make new memories. Imagine waking up every morning and having to hear the worst news ever, and you have to deal with it as if it’s the first time, every time. I don’t think this is what Foreigner was thinking of when they wrote that song about boners and first times. I don’t want to go too far into the plot, just so you guys can enjoy it for yourselves, but what I’m telling you is something you learn fairly quickly, so it’s not spoiling it. If anything, it should make you want to read it more.

The writing and pacing of the story so far is relatively on point. Granted, this is the first issue so things are just getting started, but I really hope Gerry doesn’t turn into a whiny bitch and complain about his brain issues the entire time. So far he hasn’t really at all, but my brain tends to imagine the worst things first in a story, and then get to the better possibilities. It’s a curse, I know, but I can’t help it. Giving the main character a handicap could really come back to bite some asses unless done in a proper fashion, of which I think Mr. Mulholland is definitely capable of.

Much like Jorund, I think the Disease has a good chance of becoming a great story. All of the pieces are there, and if they can be put together well, then I have no doubt it’ll be great. Maybe it’s just my love for anything zombies or Vikings, but I’m drawn to this sort of stuff. It just appeals to my tastes. Go pick it up.

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