Writers Wanted: Think You Can Survive the Evil Lair?


Hey there, Evil Geeks! From time to time the heart of the Evil Lair needs to be watered with the blood of weary writers. We find ourselves at one such juncture; Sacrifices have been made, ancient gods have been appeased and now we continue on with business as usual. Being as how we’ve now got some spare room around the Evil Lair, we thought it would be a splendid time to shake the trees and see who or what falls out. Think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of the gang? Then read on to find out how you can get yourself initiated!

Are you a writer? A comedian connected to pop culture? Do you find yourself randomly reviewing comics, movies, TV shows or video games in the solitary comfort of you own home to an audience of zero? Who knows, maybe you’re just someone with a whole lot of opinions with no outlet to let them fly? If that’s the case, then today is your lucky day! As any good cult, errr… I mean social club must do, EvilGeeks.com is on a recruiting binge. We’re looking for fan boys or fan girls with strong opinions and an even stronger need to share them with strangers on the internet. If you’re selected, you soon see your name etched into the pages of history with other Evil Geek greats such as that guy who does TV show reviews or even what’s his face? Uh, Beardso? Video Games McGee? If you fancy yourself a raconteur or a skilled conversationalist, then you might even work your way up to being a member of the podcast crew. This is a non-paying job, but you will be free to write about whatever topics you’d like, whenever you like, which will be seen by a large daily audience.

Still interested? Then here’s what we’ll need from you:

-A review: Send us a review of something geeky. It can be a comic, a cartoon, a video game, a book, a movie, your mom’s recipe for Tri-Force shaped cookies, whatever! Just try to keep it to 1,000 words or less. Make sure to put your own unique spin on the topic to keep it interesting and engaging. Be funny, be sarcastic, be an asshole, but whatever you do be sure to be memorable!

-If you have an idea for a recurring column that you’d like to write, then by all means pitch it to us! You can submit your first article for the series in lieu of a review if you wish.

-Are you a good writer AND have a desire to podcast? Then let us know that too. If you’d like to join the podcast team, in addition to the sample article, you can submit a link to a podcast you’ve been on before or you can send an audio file (Less than 5 minutes long) of a podcast appearance or stand up routine. Remember, in order to be on the podcast you need to be a writer for the site too, so we need BOTH the writing sample AND the podcast/stand up sample.

Once you’ve got the required samples together you can email them to us at evilgeeks@evilgeeks.com. Use “Potential Writer” in the subject line of your message and in the body be sure to include
-Your real name
-Your Author Name should you be chosen for the gig
-If you have previous writing experience, let us know where
-Links to Your Facebook and/or Twitter profiles

Good luck, Evil Geeks! Hopefully we’ll be seeing some of you around the Evil Lair soon.


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  1. Fantastic news! The chance to infiltrate the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks, as an agent of the Justified Legion of Avenging is too great to pass up!

    Did I type that out loud?

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