What the Alt?!?! It’s a Wonderful Life

Merry Christmas Geeks!

The title says it all Geeks! Let’s take a look at one of the greatest pictures in Americana; It’s a Wonderful Life! Essentially the film is a Christmas classic that is played year after year across networks around the world and celebrates what could be described as “good” about mankind, but what you may not have realized is that it’s an ALT
First off, it’s a wonderful movies, so you should watch it but here is why it is awesome. It’s the 1940’s and we see a man; George Baily contemplate suicide and wishes he had never been born. An angel who is desperately trying to earn his wings named Clarence comes to Earth and grants him his wish. OK, so that sounds alright? Right? Well first you have to understand who George is.


George Bailey has spent his entire life as a good samaritan to the small town of Bedford Falls. He always wanted to get out but couldn’t because a stingy miser named Mr. Potter would take over the whole town if George’s small business; The Bailey Building and Loan hadn’t supported the people of the town. Despite having to plant roots, George still has a great life with an amazing family and a large group of friends that is worth more than riches. Everything goes haywire when on Christmas Eve George’s wacky Uncle Billy misplaces an $8,000 deposit to the bank and the evil Mr. Potter steals it! (What a dick!!!) Anyway, George realizes that he will be held responsible for the money and will be thrown in jail. Distraught, he heads out to a bridge in awful weather to throw it all away.


That’s where Clarence comes in. He tries to convince George that he has a great life and George wishes that he had never been born. And that is what he gets…an alternate version of Bedford Falls, now known as Pottersville and has pretty much become a slum filled with sex and sin!


George sees people that he knows and loves and realizes that their lives are awful. His brother is dead, his children never existed, and his wife never found love. Further more, it was revealed that in the primary world his brother, who George actually saved in a ice skating accident when they were children, was a war hero who saved an entire ship of soldiers and won the Congressional Medal of Honor… well, George finds out that since he was never there to save his brother that all those soldiers are now dead as well. WHOA! Please remember, this movie was made 68 years ago in 1946, so these were some pretty big concepts, and Jimmy Stewart nails the performance of a man becoming unhinged.

Inciting a riot, George runs away from policemen who were shooting at him and makes his way back to the bridge where he originally thought that life would be better if he were never born. He prays to make things go back to the way they were and POOF… he’s back! The local policeman picks him up and brings him home and he finds out that the entire town would do anything to protect George Bailey and raises the $8000 for him and he realizes that he truly has A Wonderful Life! (nailed it :))


In all honesty, it’s a great peice of Americana and I, for one try to partake in it every year. So later on tonight, after the presents are unwrapped and you’ve stuffed yourself with holiday goodies I suggest nestling up on the couch and watching the most wholesome Alt that the holiday season has ever known.


I fully support It’s a Wonderful Life, so I give it 5 out of 5 Holly Jolly Alternate Earths!

“Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.”

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