Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Vashta Nerada

Since I am on a Doctor Who kick this week why not bring you one of the coolest, and creepiest, alien species from the series to you this weekend. The Vashta Nerada, instilling fear of the dark in to all cultures for good reason. These monsters have made me buy a nightlight.


What does that name mean anyways, Vashta Nerada? It means “shadows that melt the flesh”. Yup, that’s what they do. They are a microscopic, carnivorous being that lives in swarms. One or two of them, or even small swarms, can’t really do much damage. You might even notice them as specks of dust floating in the sunlight.


This species is pretty prevalent, living on any planet with trees to sustain their spores. Adult Vashta Nerada would lay their spores on trees and they would eventually hatch. The creatures would then swarm together to attack their prey.

Before their appearance on Doctor Who they had only attacked things like small mammals or mostly dead carcasses. But on our beloved time lord show we met a swarm that was hatched from millions of millions of books that were made from cut down trees. They Vashta Nerada have limited prey, and therefore swarm to attack the library-goers, resulting in mass exodus of the planet.


How do these aliens hunt? That is the scary part. They don’t like sunlight, and therefore would travel in the shadows as a group. But when sneaking up on prey they could often attach themselves as a second shadow to that individual. They would then swarm internally and almost instantaneously devour all the flesh from the bones of that individual.

The swarms on Doctor Who were also so large and powerful they were able to control their dead skeletal hosts in a zombie like fashion when they worked together.


This species has affirmed that my fear of the dark is legit and reasonable. Seriously, don’t turn out the lights, and run from the shadows folks. If you want to live that is.

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