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Sick and tired of waiting for Warner Brothers and/or DC Comics to tarnish the legacy of the Dark Knight Returns with the upcoming film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice or the proposed third chapter of the comic book storyline? Well, wait no more! Resident artists Biff Tannen and Arthur Harkness are here to begin the memory-sullying that will undoubtedly occur in the next few years. I tasked them to reproduce the following image in their own distinctive style:

photo 1

When I awoke the following morning, as part of my daily ritual I headed out to my inbox in my dressing gown. Imagine my embarrassment when I gazed upon these images and became fully aroused on my doorstep.

2014-12-08 12-01 page #0

Arthur Harkness favored the surreal, depicting Superman as the enormous dong that Miller wrote him to be in this series. The subtext is all there, Batman is taking great joy in knocking around this swollen member,  Miller was telling us that Bruce Wayne’s return to his cape and cowl after a long retirement is, in essence, masturbation. Harkness sees this immediately and makes it clear to the viewer.

photo (4)

Meanwhile, Biff Tannen favors a literal translation of the original work. In perhaps his most realistic portrayal of the human form to date, Tannen marvelously captures the sheer animalistic carnage of the battle. Two aging titans reduced to blows! And Tannen has perfectly recreated Superman’s baffling right leg in true Frank Miller style.

Even as I was processing the images into the Collabotron it was already printing out a color composite of the two originals.

This may be my proudest moment in the long history of my insane endeavor. I have printed out a scaled version of this panel and pasted it over the original in my trade paperback copy of the Dark Knight Returns.

photo 2 (2)

And I was right to do so.

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