Evil Geeks Archaeology: The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks and the Relics of Hyrule


Excavating relics is a tricky business. When I was a child, I wanted nothing more to be an archaeologist because of the Indiana Jones movies. It took me a long time to be convinced that it wasn’t all finding ancient artifacts and fighting Nazi’s. There’s a lot of research done in libraries and more often than not you were looking for pieces of pottery as opposed to mythic treasure.

I recently uncovered some documents in my house that I had thought were swept up by the sands of time. The documents in questions were photographs. I’m not sure when exactly they were taken, but my best carbon dating would place them around 1990. My father though he carried not a master sword was able to forge Link’s shield for me.


While it was basically a glorified toy, it was the greatest toy I could ask for. I never did get that talking He-Man Power Sword but this was the next best thing. We’re talking about a time when there was zero Zelda merchandise on the shelves other than the two NES games. While I loved those games with a passion it was The Legend Of Zelda Animated Series that really made me want to go outside with a sword and shield and pretend to be Link. Getting a chance to fight off hordes of creatures in an attempt to retrieve the Trifoce with a sword that shot lasers (or magic I guess) and legit shield helped my credibility as a neighborhood hero.


The simplistic style design was based on Link’s shield in the original Legend Of Zelda instruction manual as well as the animated series. Starting with A Link To The Past they moved away from this into a more intricate look incorporating the triforce onto it. This actually makes sense since in later games the shield was something the hero earned rather than bought. I also having a sneaking suspicion the original cross design was done so to evoke medieval Christian knights and crusaders. Which is ok for Japanese audiences but video games and cartoons from the 1980’s that were imported to America had a strict no religious imagery clause they strictly adhered to.



Alas, this relic is no longer in my possession. What happened to it is truly anyone’s guess. I’d like to think it’s waiting in some forest or graveyard though waiting to be discovered by the Hero of Time.

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