No One Escapes the Evil Lair: Kickstarting Under the Flesh #2


Happy Sunday, Evil Geeks! It’s our first Sunday without a brand new episode of The Walking Dead to ease us back into the work week, but that shouldn’t mean that it’ll be a zombie-free or comic book-free day. In fact, it’s quite a good day to take a look back at one of our old Indie Spotlight subjects and help the creators keep on creating by helping them raise some funds so they can make more comics!


I wrote about Under the Flesh back in July (you can check out my review right here), when issue 1 was being Kickstarted. Issue 2 is finally complete and ready to roll, but of course the ever dreaded printing costs are nothing to shake a zombie gut covered stick at, so a second Kickstarter campaign is under way to keep the series going. Having just freshly finished reading issue #2, I can tell you that if you loved issue 1 or if you’re a zombie/horror fan, then a small donation to the cause would be well worth the investment. The world established in issue 1 gets expanded and we learn a little more about the zombie threat. There’s something behind the ravaging horde, and it’s a twist on the zombie trope that I haven’t seen before which adds a new mystery to the plot (Sorry, but no spoilers here today folks, you’ll have to donate if you want to see where this one’s going). We also get a glimpse outside of the library/campus area where the majority of the action of issue 1 was confined to. We finally see over the fence of the college into the rest of the world and just like in real life: man, it’s scary out there when you leave school. Although word on the street is that Texas is still pretty safe. But then again, it’s Texas, so maybe you’re better off with the ravenous, rape zombies. Just kidding, Lone Star Staters! 😉

So Evil Geeks, if you find yourself on this fine day wishing you could help do something to put more comics out there in the world then today is your lucky day. The Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow, so this is your last chance to help out creators Gilbert Deltres and J.L. Giles get this comic into the hands of fanboys and fangirls everywhere. Please help out if you can! Thats’s all we got for today kiddos, thanks for your help and support!

Donate to the Kickstarter for Under the Flesh right here!

Under the Flesh Facebook page.

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