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Welcome back ghoul-lovers, this week I’ve got my review of the heavily anticipated Walking Dead mid-season finale. Now we all knew coming up to this there would have to be at least one important death. There always is (think Herschel last year, I bet you are still crying over that). Most bets were on Carol or Beth, but I am going to be nicer than the jackasses who run the Walking Dead Facebook feed and tell you the spoiler is below, so don’t read on if you are watching the episode a little late and want a surprise.


What am I ranting about? AMC made a big no-no and forgot that a large portion of the country lives on the west coast in a different time zone, aka three hours behind the east coast. Yet they posted their picture of our dead hero telling them to R.I.P. right after the episode aired on the east coast, 2 hours before it first appeared where I live in California. Thanks jerks.


But enough of my rant, on to the show. We know the end of the last episode ended with Bob knocking out Sasha and making a run for it. Well poor old Bob doesn’t make it far as the opening scene is one of Rick running him down and breaking his back. At least he had the decency to put him out of his misery before the walkers chewed up his paralyzed ass. And luckily for Rick the other two remaining captors appear to want to work with him to have his trade for Carol and Beth.


Oh yeah, that opening car chase seen…one of my pet peeves made an appearance again: why the fuck would you drive around and leave your car in places with the windows down?!?! I mean, isn’t that a rule in Zombieland?! It just seems like an idiot move, especially from our leader Rick.


I still don’t understand our priest. Gabriel snuck out from the church and went to the school where the cannibals had been only to end up run down by another herd of walkers. He seriously jeopardized all those in the church as he ran up to it banging on the doors to be let in. Stupid dude needed rescuing again. I personally would have let him rot, but Michonne has too much good in her to let that happen. There was a moment when the herd of walkers was pressed against the door with all their fingers stuck through when I thought to myself “Hmm, why doesn’t Michonne just use her katana to slice off all the hands and shut the door?” But she didn’t have to use any more heroics cause Abraham, Maggie, Glenn…hmm that is a long list of characters, I’ll just go with GREATM as lame as it is. GREATM show up in their fire truck and bulldoze the zombies so most of crew, sans those in Atlanta, is reunited.

how cool would it have been if Michonne chopped all these hands off and shut the doors...

how cool would it have been if Michonne chopped all these hands off and shut the doors…

I think Abraham really redeemed himself in this scene. Granted, Eugene is an asshole for lying about the whole scientist thing but as much as Abraham had a break down in the last episode, he does an about face and steps back in to his leadership role in this scene. I am sure it must be hard for Abraham who no longer has as inspiring of a mission as he did, but at least he recognizes the potential in Rick’s group as a band of brothers he can be united behind. He also arises to the suggestion by Michonne that they go to Atlanta just as enthusiastically as he wanted to go to DC for so long. This guy is really growing on me so I should probably repair myself for his inevitable death in the season finale.

Next we flash over to that very crew but get a one on one with Beth and Dawn as Dawn pours her heart out to Beth. I’m sorry, have to make another comment here, but Beth’s sutures just don’t look realistic. They are too close together and are likely going to result in a hell of a scar…or maybe that won’t matter. But Dawn and Beth seem to be hitting it off as Beth tries to encourage her to make better decisions.


The exchange of prisoners is called in though, and Dawn’s cops meet up with Rick’s group in a hallway in the hospital. All seems to be going well when at the last minute Dawn demands that she get Noah back as her ward. Seems like she just needs a good punching bag since Beth is being taken away from her. Noah agrees to leave even though Rick and company probably would have defended him, but in the last minute Beth approaches Dawn to say her parting words and tries to stab her with scissors instead. This results in Dawn shooting Beth in the head without any hesitation, and Daryl then shooting Dawn dead as a reflex. Boom, boom, two down before you know it.

I have to admit, of all the characters that could have died in this mid-season finale, I am the least upset about Beth. I felt like she was kind of a weak character. I was pretty over her. And to add insult to injury for her, her death was not that epic either. I mean, she didn’t even stab Dawn in the head or eyeball or anything. She just barely lodged the scissors in her shoulder and then had a hole blown through her head.

This was the picture that AMC posted BEFORE the show was released on the west coast...

This was the picture that AMC posted BEFORE the show was released on the west coast…

Luckily all those in the standoff were able to avoid unnecessary blood shed as the officers stand down and ask Rick’s group to leave without anyone else getting hurt. Noah comes back with Rick’s group and they are greeted at the front of the hospital by our favorite GREATM style fire truck. Now, I know we were all meant to be moved by this episode, and Maggie breaking down over watching her dead sister’s body carried out by Daryl was supposed to make me cry, but I am kind of over it. I felt like this episode flew by with little substance, the death was quick and efficient, and overall none of these events really change the scenery for our crew. In fact, you might argue by the end of this episode they are all better off as they are reunited and ready to tackle whatever next adventure they want in a shiny red fire truck. But I guess there are those out there that might have been devastated by the loss of the last hot blonde on the show. Sorry, I don’t think it comes even close to losing Herschel.

The saddest news of all is that we have to wait until February for the second half of the season to come out. I will be ready! And rumor is there will be a spin off series starting next year that delves in to trying to find a cure for the zombie virus! The medical nerd in me is stoked!

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