No One Escapes the Evil Lair: Matthew Wilson Returns with Drakken


A happy creative mind is surely a productive creative mind, Evil Geeks. We’ve been doing this internet thing a few years now. Long enough for people who’ve previously been featured on our site or podcast to have moved on to from the projects they were initially here to promote to brand new creative endeavors. This week we’re taking a look at the newest project from writer/director Matthew Wilson!


Matthew Wilson originally appeared on episode 40 of Transmissions From the Evil Lair to talk about his short film The Final Moments of Karl Brant, which we also did a review of. Matthew has moved on from the world of suspense and sci-fi to something much lower tech: swords and shields! Matthew is a finalist in an up and coming filmmaker contest being run by New Regency Pictures, so he was given $20,000 to make a short film which could be picked to be developed as a full length feature. This time out, Wilson has created an action packed world of mysticism and barbarians with a prototype film called Drakken. Drakken follows the exploits of the titular character, played by Stephen Dunleavy, who has previously been featured on Spartacus. Drakken is a sword wielding, wandering warrior whose face is obscured by a snake (or possibly dragon?) skin mask.


If you’re big into the Conan films or Game of Thrones, then Drakken is certainly going to be right up your alley. for more information on Drakken, you can check out the Facebook page for the movie. You can also have a look at the film right here, but please make sure you head over to their YouTube page to comment on the film and show your support for the project. If Drakken is selected as the winner by New Regency, you could be seeing this epic on a screen near you soon! Winners will be announced on December 10th.

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